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Let's all talk about how great Trevor Rosenthal is

Trevor Rosenthal is a lot of fun to watch, on account of he throws really hard.

Scott Kane-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Sometimes it's difficult to enjoy a really good starting pitching prospect who's acting like an outstanding reliever. But here, Wednesday afternoon, let's go for it: Trevor Rosenthal the relief pitcher is awesome. He's probably less valuable than Trevor Rosenthal the starter, but he's here right now, in the NLDS, and he's throwing triple-digit fastballs that are being followed by loopy low-80s curveballs. And he's doing it so effortlessly and unselfconsciously that nobody's even started to ask whether the St. Louis Cardinals are asking too much of someone without veteran postseason experience.

He's probably not the Cardinals' best reliever, but he throws 100 miles per hour like other pitching prospects throw 95. Right now, just a fraction of the way into his career, he looks like you'd hope not just every pitching prospect but every pitcher would look. When people worried about Anthony Reyes's body language and his motion and his command, they were saying, without realizing it, "I wish this guy looked more like Trevor Rosenthal, some random 16-year-old in a part of Missouri that I don't immediately recognize."

Whatever the outcome of the NLDS and wherever the Cardinals put Rosenthal in the long term—I'm hoping for the one where he does something like this 160 times a year, instead of 60—that was a mop-up inning worth watching.