One Leaping Laird; Millions of Masterpieces

The Orioles have the seed-spitting Mark Reynolds, and the Mariners the awkward-fielding Nyjer F'ing Morgan; neither can match the beauty, grace, and.. umm.. enthusiasm as Gerald Laird. Here the majestic backup catcher appears, immortalized in a ballet-like pose after the Cardinals' improbable come-from-behind Game Six victory in the 2011 World Series:


What grace! What beauty! What... enthusiasm! What a fantastic opportunity to create Photoshop masterpieces!

Here is a nice transparent background picture of Gerald to get you all started.


Where would you like to see Gerald leap next? What adventures could possibly lie in store?

Props to TBender, cardinalswsbound, and hr for suggesting this be put together.

Update 01/13/2012: Bless You Boys has gotten in on the action.