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Talk Talk Talk (In January)

Kyle McClellan has been resigned, so there's that. I'm not going to complain about him at the moment, because the resulting conversation would probably be neither enlightening nor particularly interesting. I'll say something like, "If he returns to his 2010 form, he's a serviceable reliever and we could probably do worse." Someone will respond with, "In what crackhead universe is a 2.27 ERA just 'serviceable'?!" Things will only go downhill from there. I will point out, however, that McClellan will almost assuredly be the highest-paid reliever on the Cards' roster unless something strange happens between now and Opening Day.

The Cards met the president yesterday. Kind of exciting, but kinda seems like a bad idea to really discuss it much. Mr. Obama did make a very nice speech about Game six, as well as citing a bunch of statistics about the Cardinals being down to their last strike so many times and the like. He was immediately accused of promoting a socialist agenda of redistribution of strikes and favouring the creation of death panels which will kick noncompetitive teams out of the league. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Adam Wainwright really likes Tim Tebow. I'm just going to steer well clear of this one, too, because I can see only trouble for me ahead down this road. I am looking forward to Wainwright's 20-3 record this season supported by a 15:185 K:BB ratio and a strand rate of 98%, however.

We're right around a month away from the reporting of the pitchers and the catchers and the Jell-O pudding, and the hopes of a full-on 2004 Astros reunion is still oddly alive. Roy Oswalt is still available and said to be asking for tractor parts as a salary (interesting side note: type in Roy Oswalt on Google and the second suggestion, below just his plain name, is 'Roy Oswalt Cardinals'), and Brad Lidge has no job as of yet. Just think of it; Oswalt, Lidge, Beltran, and Berkman all in Cardinal uniforms. At the very least I could just rewrite my column from last April about this upcoming season's team; the 2004 Time Machine Team you could assemble with all those ex-Astros would be just monstrous.

Anyhow, month out from Reporting Day, roster looks pretty much set. Let's chat. Ask whatever you like, on-topic or off. I wasn't around for the draft thread last week, so if you had a question in your head get it out now or forever hold thy peace.

I'll be here 'til about 11:30 or maybe a little beyond. Fire it up.

The Baron's Playlist for the 18th of January, 2012 (click here to open 8tracks or below for embedded player)

The Baron's Playlist for the 18th of January 2012 from aeschafer on 8tracks.