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Cardinals beat Brewers thanks to Furcal, Berkman, and Dotel; "What?" asks time-traveler

1. It's hard to give the Cardinals braintrust a lot of credit for this specific game-saver, inasmuch as they probably didn't set out to improve at the all-important shorstop-runs-into-left-field-and-snowcones-the-ball play, but it was nice to see Rafael Furcal make it. 

Scouting insight: He doesn't look like he should be hitting like a pitcher.

2. It's August, and Lance Berkman is hitting .287/.396/.593 with 28 home runs and 73 RBI. Earlier today he pulled off the Jim Edmonds Bunt For A Base Hit And Then Grin About It A Lot play. If I'm honest with myself, I was probably expecting something in the range of .250/.350/.450, and about as many games as he's played already.

3. Octavio Dotel's absurd home run rates terrify me--since that abortive attempt to make him a closer all the way back in 2004 he's allowed 1.4 home runs per nine innings, which is Eric Milton-ian--but all those strikeouts are a nice fit for the middle of the bullpen. There's no upside there, but for the moment he might do a good job of approximating Eduardo Sanchez.

4. If you want something for Late Night VEB material other than the debate on Yadier Molina's behavior, that game went on long enough that the Daily Farm Report is out. Kolten Wong is hitting .311/.380/.470!