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st. louis cardinals win a baseball game for some reason

so the next time you feel like the gob are conspiring against us, or the umpires, or whomever, think of this game.

somehow, the cardinals won a game in which the difference-making hit was a 3-run double hit by jake westbrook, famous for being a starting pitcher mostly in the american league, where batting is not the forte of pitchers. westbrook allowed a run on a bases-loaded hbp (following a theriot error, naturally). somehow, we got out of numerous bases-loaded situations, included an eighth inning in which sanchez and salas combined to walk the first three batters without recording an out.

there were some cardinals highlights - a 2-run homer by berkman, a solo homer by pujols. but it's hard to escape a sense that we would have lost that game against almost any other opponent and without a healthy dose of luck.

still, an ugly win counts as a win in the standings. speaking of which, we are now 12 games over .500, and 2.5 games ahead of milwaukee.