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game 60 - CHC v. STL - 6.4.11

I_medium I_medium

kyle lohse v. randy wells

3.48 tRA 6.03

3.11 FIP 5.30

15.2% K 29.5%

5.2% BB 15.9%

44.3% GB 41.7%

randy wells is exhibit D in the array of reasons why the starting pitching for the cubs which had been solid, deep, and unspectacular has suddenly gone in the crapper. we saw ryan dempster's unique proclivity for getting hit around and allowing about one of every five fly balls to go for a home run yesterday (we weren't even at wrigley!). i don't know how long this spate of injuries, ineffectiveness, and bad luck will run for the cubs, but let's hope it doesn't end this weekend.

on the flip side, a guy who has been owed some good karma, kyle lohse, is actually doing BETTER so far than he did in his surprising 2008. let's hope that doesn't end this weekend or anytime soon, for that matter.

matt carpenter joined the roster yesterday, but hasn't yet had a PA. i would not mind seeing him out there today.