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game 78 - TOR @ STL - 6.25.11

jaime garcia v. carlos villanueva

2.82 tRA 3.96

2.69 FIP 3.85

21.6 %K 13.4%

5.9% BB 5.4%

54.3% GB 37.2%

game 78? we must be almost at the midpoint of the season! you can also tell we are at the halfway mark by the way half our 40-man roster has been on the DL. >laughs.< >weeps.<

it's jaime day and viva el birdos day at the ballpark. so if you're not at the ballpark, you're either a loser or you live out of town or you have recently given birth to a velociraptor.

in looking up the stats on statcorner, i realized that tRA hates our entire rotation, except for jaime garcia and, oddly enough, lance lynn. on our bullpen side, it really likes jason motte, which is kind of odd.

also funny: as a result of his lone rain-abbreviated "start," miguel batista has a tRA of 865.52 as a starter this year. his relieving tRA is only slightly better than that.

what are the odds that tony la russa gets confused and tries to put bautista on the mound in the seventh despite the fact that he's wearing a toronto uniform?

go cards.