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I don't mean to start any blasphemous rumors

but i think the gods of baseball have a sick sense of humor.

dueling ninth inning homers from middle infielders not known for their power are among the strangest ways to end a game.

skip schumaker had a whopping .073 iso and a .301 slg. this was his first hr of the season, and only his 20th career homer in the majors. a career groundball hitter, skip has a 55 percent gb rate this season.

alcides escobar was having one of the worst offensive seasons in mlb so far. if anything, his homer was more unexpected. he has a .056 iso, .306 slg, and only 5 career hr.

when contacted for comment, the gobs answered that they didn't arrange to have pete kozma left in the game to hit the walk-off homer "because that would have just been too incredible."


cards win, 5-4.