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game 73 - KCR v. STL - 6.19.11

Jaime garcia v. Danny duffy

2.83 tra 6.26

2. 74 fip 6.10

21.7 k rate (pct) 14.5

6.0 bb rate (pct) 15.2

on paper, this looks like a really good matchup. on the other hand, we are starting pete kozma at second.

i think being "kozmaed" should be the oppopsite of being "wally pipped." if you tried to define it, it would mean something like: being so bad they replace you with a sub-replacement value player, just for the change of scenery.

it's probably a bad sign for tyler greene's career if tony la russa's statement that "he needs to play everyday" is true, rather than a polite way of explaining his demotion based on poor and sloppy play. greene's upside right now looks like a palatable utility player, which would not likely entail everyday play.