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KCR @ STL - 6.18.11

I_medium I_medium

vin mazzaro v. jake westbrook

6.99 tRA 4.50

4.80 tRAr 4.65

6.26 FIP 4.29

7.0% K 11.3%

15.5% BB 9.2%

today, we face the infamous vin mazzaro, who had a world-class detonation on the mound earlier this year. it seems like an unfair rep to give him. i more look at that game as an instance of taking one for the team. while it doesn't make you a good pitcher, i respect anybody who continues to pitch long after he otherwise should have been pulled, just to spare his bullpen. everybody who pitches long enough has a day when they just stink, no matter how good they are (see, garcia, jaime). usually you get pulled when you stink bad enough. to keep going at that point involves a certain kind of strength. still, mazzaro looks like a decent chance to break our losing streak/keep up our one-game winning streak (i am writing while the friday game goes on.

westbrook continues to not look quite right to me. let's hope he decides to change that habit today.