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game 67 - STL @ MIL - 6.12.11

I_medium I_medium

shaun marcum v. jake westbrook

2.58 ERA 5.01

2.99 FIP 4.06

3.35 xFIP 4.15

2.99 tERA 4.09

35.8% GB 62.6%

you see that 62.6% GB rate, tony? probably not the day to start skip schumaker in the infield.

i'd still like to see westbrook cut back on his walk rate, but i'm not yet ready to panic. a few good games, and his numbers would be back to normal.

marcum . . . oh, jesus, he's good. it seems deeply unfair that he's 6-2 while jake is 6-3. that's exhibit 211436 in the chronicle of why pitcher wins are nearly useless. i think if there was a game which i'd've picked for us to have the best chance of winning, it would have been the narveson start. the westbrook-marcum matchup is not what you'd pick as the last game of the series in which you seek to not be swept. right now, though, randy wolf is the closest thing to a weak link in the milwaukee rotation.