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game 8 - stl @ sfg - 4/9/11

6202_medium 29185_medium

matt cain jaime garcia

2.34 tRA 1.55

148 tRA+ 166

2.20 FIP 1.87

0.2 WAR 0.4

57.9% GB 60.0%

caution: all stats are from a single game; courtesy

if you have to put an underperforming offense up against matt cain, having JAIME! on your side is probably a good idea. i'm not going to hold my breath for the complete game strikeout-fest shut-out we saw last week.

question: if you play the giants on a saturday, does that make this a sabado gigante?

one item from the week that i have to pass along came from the rays. the rays began the season winless. the players then held a team meeting led by newcomers johnny damon and . . . felipe lopez? i would have loved to be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation to see what wisdom lopez would impart . . . .