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Recap Time: Pirates 3, Cardinals 1

I'm trying not to overreact and go angry negative. Keep saying in my head, "It's just the first of the season. Long way to go still. Every team will have a stretch during the season where they go 2-4, it's not that big a deal."

So far it's not working very well. This has been a pathetic start to the sesaon, especially when the early part of the year was supposed to have such a weak schedule, where we could make some hay. Just embarrassing to watch a team be this unable to score any effing runs.

There were a bunch of hard-hit balls today, at least. Unfortunately, every single one of them seemed to find a glove, at least until the Puma finally put one in the gap in the ninth. Also, how did the balls Colby and Albert hit to the tracks both stay in? I thought those were both gone off the bat. Oh, well.

Things I'm tired of already this year:

Skip Schumaker hitting groundballs to the right side. I don't care if they go through or not, it's maddening knowing exactly what the result of his ABs are going to be before he comes up.

Watching middling pitchers make our team look lost at the plate. Again.

Jason Motte and his complete inability to throw a damned breaking ball. Now he seems to have decided on some sort of half-assed sidearm cutter thing. Ugh. Can we please go back and include him in the DeRosa deal and get Chris Perez back? Please?

Broadcasters who talk about Jason Motte still trying to develop that second pitch. Guess what? He's had plenty of time. It just isn't happening. Stop acting like he's still a work in progress. The berserker frenzy is nice and all, and he's plenty fun to watch, but he is what he is at this point.

The offense.

On a separate note, with all the recent talk of boat shoes, I thought I would point out I recently ordered a pair of these, and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. I can post a full review if everyone would like...

Carp looked pretty good today. So there's that. That and my shoes are pretty much the only positives.

Oh, wait. Descalso looks wicked good in the field. That's a positive. Now, if only there were some position we have a serious need at defensively that Dirty Dan could get some playing time at over the incumbent. But where o where would we find such a thing?

Bah. I'm in a bad mood now. This team has ruined my afternoon. I'm going to go put a Kevin Correia miniature jersey on a stuffed animal and hit it with a frying pan while crying. Bye.