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Game 3: San Diego Padres at St. Louis Cardinals, Apr 3, 2011 1:15 PM CDT

8300_medium 7507_medium
Jaime Garcia Dustin Moseley
2.70 ERA (2010) 4.96 ERA (2010)
3.41 FIP 5.99 FIP
3.63 tERA 6.93 tERA

It's a pitching miss-match to be sure. While Garcia isn't as good as his 2.70 ERA, he was still excellent when using the defensive independent stats to measure 2010. The preseason refrain has been one of concern about Garcia due in part to a turbulent Spring Training where his performance was uneven and unspectacular.

Moseley is a product of the Angels organization and has been a swingman for both Anaheim and New York. He's a contact pitcher so expect to see the Cardinals put a lot of balls in play and the Padres defense to be active behind Moseley. With a changeup and a curveball, he's got a pronounced reverse split so don't be surprised if our right handed hitters are the ones raking today.