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Game 17 Wrapup: Nats 8, Cards 6

Well, what can I tell you? The Cards had plenty of opportunities in this game, with the offense showing no signs of returning to their early-season funk.

Question: if the Cards score six in this game, but fail to in the nightcap, does that still qualify for the serious number promotion? I don't know how the mechanics of a doubleheader work in relation to cheap drinks from local filling station franchises.

Actually, saying the offense showed no signs of returning to the funk isn't entirely accurate. They did score six runs, but they also left gobs of men on base (I think it was something like eleven or twelve, but checking the official site is no help. They calculate LOBs by individual player, which gives us a total of 25 left on for the game, which is just a bit high.), hit into four double plays, and had a trio of players take some of the ugliest at-bats you're ever going to see with two men on in the seventh. Two on, nobody out, and Freese, Jay, and Descalso all failed to get the ball out of the infield. Jay's plate appearance in particular was just pathetic, watching two crushable fastballs right down the middle.

Speaking of Descalso, I've been one of his biggest backers all along, but whatever notion he's gotten into his head regarding his plate approach this season needs to stop in a hurry. He's looked just awful.

On the positive side, the offense produced fourteen hits, six walks, and six runs. Colby looked good yet again. Albert crushed a home run to right-center, possibly the single most encouraging thing we've seen from him all year. The middle of this lineup is just ridiculous.

The story of the day, though, has to be the performance of the bullpen. They were outstanding, holding the game right where it was after Jake Westbrook's evacuation on the mound. Salas in particular was magnificent, though I can't tell you how disheartening it is to see him pitching mopup knowing it likely means Miguel Batista is next in line to be Ryan Franklin.

Speaking of Ryan Franklin, he looked very meh. He was the only reliever to give up a run, a massive bomb to Laynce Nix, and gave up plenty of hard contact besides. I just don't see whatever it is Hrabosky sees to make him believe Franklin is getting better.

Bottom line, it was a moderately frustrating day at the plate, but the offense still scored plenty of runs to win most games. The hole Westbrook dug was just too deep for the Cards to climb back out of today.

Another game comes our way in about two and a half hours. Jaime Garcia will take on Jordan Zimmermann, a very talented young pitcher you would think has to be depressed he's not even the best Zimmerman on his own team.

Also, that eye of Tony's is starting to really freak me out. Yikes.