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Game 17 Open Thread -- Nationals at Cardinals, 20th April 2011

I hope you'll forgive the lack of a proper front-page post today, but this doubleheader, coupled with an interruption in my power, has put a crimp in my posting schedule.

We've got a double bill today, with Jake Westbrook going in the first game. Westy has been pretty fairly awful to date in 2011, with a marked lack of command the major culprit. Unfortunately, he's got a tough draw in the Washington hurler. John Lannan hasn't exactly been great shakes in general, but he's fair dominated the Cardinals in his career. He's left-handed and he couldn't break a pane of glass with his fastball. So, of course, he finesses the Cards and they go quietly into various good nights.

It will be interesting to see how this new-look, new-approach lineup fares against an honest-to-god soft-tossing lefty. I'm hoping the patience and tenacity we've seen recently will continue, and the offense can help Westbrook get off the schneid. On the other hand, I worry we'll miss Allen Craig in the lineup, especially considering how vulnerable Lance Berkman has been to sinister exploitation in recent seasons.

Game one starts at 1:15 Central. I'll try to get a recap up after the game, and the nightcap comes your way at the usual 7:15. It's double the fun.