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game 15 - STL @ LAD - 4.16.11

28963_medium  29076_medium

clayton kershaw v. kyle mcclellan

3.06 tRA  3.75

2.54 FIP  3.70

0.6 WAR 0.3

46.9% GB 50.0%

clay kershaw is having a positively garcia-esque start to the season. surprisingly, mcclellan isn't lagging that far behind. i probably should have included kyle in my list of pleasant surprises for the season so far this morning.

i hope no one in the central time zone has anything to get up for tomorrow . . . . 

weird statistical fact: the NL central pitching staffs have collectively made the division a three-true-outcomes division. among all teams, the NL central has five of the eight worst staffs for walks - reds (23rd), brewers and cubs (tied-24th), cardinals (26th), and pirates (29th). at the same time, the reds (1st), cubs(2nd), and cardinals (5th) lead the league for total strikeouts. the home run rate is sort of middle-high (brewers, reds, and cubs with 13 allowed, and cardinals with 12).