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recap: game 8 - Giants 3, Cards 2

and it's so lonely on a ledge . . . 

well, that game was the latest of a number of kicks in the pants. it's now the second game we've lost on a poor defensive play by an otherwise excellent player.

it is in fact too depressing for me to recap on my own, so i have enlisted the only man who can help us put a smiling face on this: cj beatty, ladies and gentlemen!

cjbeatty44: i'm ready to watch the game! got some popcorn and a tub of toll house cookie dough! when mom isn't around u can still make fresh cookies!!! LOL #luv u mom

sent 3 hours ago

cjbeatty44: u don't even have to cook it, it tastes just as good out of the tub!!!!LMBO

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the early part of the game was mostly just a showcase for jaime and matt cain to demonstrate why they're excellent pitchers. jaime improbably continued a stellar run of strikeouts, putting in NINE K's in SIX innings. he allowed only one walk and four hits. he did give up his first run of the season. he got in a bit of a jam in the fifth. as his pitch count ran up, tony made the decision to pull him for a pinch hitter, a decision that many viewed as premature. he wasn't yet close to 100 pitches, and pitching quite well. on the other hand, he's coming off a complete game. 

cjbeatty44: jamie you are da man!!! go cardinals!!!

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in the sixth, the offense got moderately interesting, skip schumaker drew a lead off walk, advanced on both of two ground outs, then scored on a wild pitch. colby led off the seventh with a solo homer. yadi followed with a double, was bunted over to third by descalso, still, the cards couldn't get him home, even after craig reached on an error.

cjbeatty44: go skippy, putting runs on the board! we take them anyway we can get them!!! LOL

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cjbeatty44: OMG did you see that slide from yadi! "everybody out of my way! comin through!!!"

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batista took over pitching duties in the seventh and eighth. he did tolerably, though he allowed a triple to schierholtz. he's allowing more fly balls than i had anticipated. that said, there's nothing to complain about three strikeouts in two innings, with no runs allowed.

cjbeatty44: come on, cardinals! keep holding on!!!! we got the lead!

in the ninth, the game was turned over to franklin. he got a groundout, then allowed a single and a walk. rowand flied out, and the game came down to the last batter - 2 outs, 2 on, cards up by one, miguel tejada at the plate. 

ryan franklin gave him a very long fly ball, to the wall in center. colby went back to the track, appeared to have some failure to communicate with jon jay, then put his glove out, and saw the ball pop back out of his glove. it was scored a double rather than an E8, which maybe recognizes the challenge inherent in the long run to the wall. altogether a tough end to a frustrating game. 

cjbeatty44: tough loss guys, but you gotta shake that off. there's another game tomorrow!

sent 48 minutes ago

cjbeatty44: and there's ice cream in the freezer!!!and ice cream makes it all better! LOL LMBO!!

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*to cj beatty, if you're reading this, this is a laughing-with-you parody. we wish you all the best.