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The Milwaukee Brewers: A gogyoka about Greinke

The star
of the beermakers' firmament
grows dim from the pain
of a realization:
Brad and Jennifer will never reconcile.

As far as my own entertainment dollar goes, being able to see Zack Greinke on TV more frequently is absolutely worth the grief it will cause the Cardinals. Given last year's nightmare the Brewers could have filled their rotation with low-hanging fruit and still have chased a playoff spot with the nutritional value, but they decided to stuff that gaping maw with spinach and multivitamins anyway. 

The disinterested-observer part of me wants to see just how much a rotation can be improved in one year; the part of me that's been writing about the Cardinals for eight years is less excited about that. 

The Brewers got a huge year from Corey Hart that they might not expect a second time, and Rickie Weeks played 160 games, but they might be able to offset some of that if Prince Fielder decides to have a huge year on his way out the door. Also, if they don't go into this season with Doug Davis, David Bush, and Jeff Suppan all in their rotation.