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saturday game

whoops! due to a technological snafu, i do not have a main post ready.

quick thoughts: our starting eight and our rotation are basically set, with kyle mcclellan winning the starting role.

the bench will almost certainly be laird/jay/craig/greene and ?

vazquez, descalso, and carpenter would seem to be leading candidates for that last bench spot. what do you think?

the bullpen will be franklin/motte/boggs/miller/tallet/?/?

salas, batista, augenstein, and sanchez would seem to be the top candidates. what do you think about the last two spots? will we look outside the club?

remember that wainwright will certainly hit the 60-day. depending on the nature of his shoulder injury, samuel might also. that gives us 1 or maybe 2 slots on the 40 man.

westbrook pitches today at 12:05 central.