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The Over The Deadline Spring Training Chat Thread

For better or for worse, the 2011 season is now underway. Not the regular season, of course, but at least in terms of where our focus is. Stan got his medal, the Albert Contract-a-Thon is over. Like it or not, we're heading for baseball for real.

So let's have an afternoon chat, shall we? I've got about two hours free, so I should be here through about 3:30 or so. Topics can include anything you like, on the field or off, baseball-related or not.

As Tone Loc once said, let's do it.

The Baron's Playlist for the 16th of February, 2011

"The Witch" - the Sonics

"I Wanta Holler" - Gary U.S. Bonds

"Lusty Lil' Lucy" - Nick Curran and the Lowlifes

"Heeby-Jeebies" - Little Richard

"Don't Hang Up" - the Orlons

"Zombies" - The King Khan and BBQ Show

"Evil Hoodoo" - The Seeds

"Down and Out" - Black Lips