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Albert Pujols Radio Silence Morning Thread

Were you aware: That the St. Louis Cardinals have Albert Pujols, one of the very best hitters in the history of baseball, on their team, and have since 2001? (Since beginning at SB Nation St. Louis I find myself more and more able to write for the general audience.) 

That he's averaged a .331/.426/.624 line in that time period, with 86 extra-base hits, 123 RBI, 91 walks against 65 strikeouts, and eight stolen bases? 

That his contract—and this is what shocked me—runs out at the end of the 2011 season

One can only imagine Pujols and the Cardinals are working on that at this very moment.

In the meantime—well, it's gotten to the point where I can't wait for pitchers and catchers to report, even though I know that's Pujols's inexplicable deadline for contract negotiations. I just need other things to talk about, even if that's going to be Lance Berkman's ability to stand upright; Kyle Lohse's shape, relative to the rest of his life; Raul Valdes competing with Brian Tallet for a spot in a Major League bullpen. 

I'll be back with a full-sized post this afternoon. Until then, who's your pick for talk of the camp during Spring Training? I think it's going to be Lance Lynn, if his boring two-seamer really has morphed into a functionally identical, considerably more bitchin' four-seamer over the last year. He appears to be the same pitcher he was before the change, so this is a little like putting a giant wing spoiler on the back of your Nissan Versa; but if you were to do that your car would be the smart pick for talk of the parking lot, wouldn't it?