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Albert Pujols Something Something Miami Marlins And St. Louis Cardinals, Something At 2011 Winter Meetings

St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols something something free agency ahead of the 2011 Winter Meetings. Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria something something ballpark extortion something pharmacokinetics of PCP something Jose Reyes Heath Bell something something even though neither of them is likely to play a full slate of games, something Albert Pujols body language something something winking and nudging.

Mystery team something something Theo Epstein, something Albert Pujols something imminent contract decision something something Mark Buehrle or somebody, for whatever reason.

Something something 10-year deal of at least $200 million, something something Prince Fielder standing alone in a dark room, eating Chocolate Long Johns out of a paper bag.

Something Dan Lozano something something [escorts] would [expletive deleted] something negotiations with Miami Marlins, something something Hanley Ramirez taking ground balls at fourth base, something something: New ballpark plus big-name players who speak Spanish, something something something, and then, bam, massive increases in attendance, something something fire-sale something Albert Pujols for four high-school-age pitchers and a fifth outfielder.