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Albert Pujols and actual contract momentum

Now, of course, there is actual news. The Miami Marlins have apparently upped their Albert Pujols contract offer to 10 years, per the Post-Dispatch Megazord and others, and that is a lot of money for a lot of years—as of this moment it looks like they've outbid the Cardinals' original offer, if nothing else.

I don't have a lot to say about that right now, though I will say that if I'm the Cardinals, and I have a chance to keep the best player of his generation around while he breaks a lot of records, I spend the money now and I worry about him being 41 when he's 38. (Or, if you're a Pujols birther, I worry about him being 81 when he's 78.) (Or, if you're a Pujols birther birther, I reveal that he's 38 when he claims to be 35 and void the contract.)

Meanwhile: Kyle Lohse trade talks continue to swirl for no apparent reason. Is one year at $12 million really a bargain now? And if it is a bargain, why are the Cardinals trying to trade it for an undoubtedly lowly prospect and the right to pay Mark Buehrle at least that much for three years? Worries for another day.