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tip o the hat, wag o the finger.

browsing through my posts from the last year, i have to say, i don't find too much that makes me shudder in retrospect. although, i suspect there's a lot more luck than wisdom in that.

ok, this one turned out both crass and inaccurate:


uggla's trade for omar infante and mike dunn turned out to be prescient. after turning down a generous offer from the marlins on an extension, uggla got the trade he was looking for. turns out that infante was worth 2.7 wins for the marlins and uggla outdid his marlins offer, netting a 5y/$62m contract from atlanta, putting up . . . 2.5 wins.

oh well, if cheap scatological humor is wrong, i don't want to be right.

speaking of cheap shots, derek jeter was not smoking crack, but the yankees were. jeter got $51m over 3y and put up his worst season in forever, at 2.3 wins.

ok, i'm proud of this one, even if it was not that difficult to criticize: the comparison of bronson arroyo and jeff suppan turned out to be dead on, or rather, arroyo ended up being much worse than suppan did as he aged. the reds issued him a 3y/$35m contract last year, and he rewarded them with an epically bad season, posting a 5.71 FIP (although a fairly typical-for-him 4.54 xFIP, which is better but not actually good), ending up 1.3 wins BELOW replacement.

my projections for the cardinals 2011 bench were not terrible, but i am terribly fond of the following sentence in retrospect:

craig is in line for a real breakout year. my gut says that we will look back on his 2011 performance as a triumph.

of course, i remember miguel batista joining the cardinals, but did anyone remember ian snell? yeah, he was on the team once. both looked kind of like crap in january 2010. both looked like crap later in the season, but only one of them threw way too many innings for the big club.

the vernon wells trade looked like an unadulterated disaster when it happened, although nobody quite knew that mike napoli was due to explode. i bet the blue jays wish they'd held onto him. nick punto was a "very solid acquisition" at the time of his signing.

i was way off on the benchmarks for the pujols negotiations, if the reports are to be believed. calling a healthy jim edmonds an upgrade on jon jay was probably not my best offseason comment, even if we never saw a healthy edmonds.

my "no exit" spoof has not aged well, but reading it does remind me that jeff gordon ACTUALLY WROTE an article suggesting that the royals could be players for albert. somehow, that man has a job writing about sports.

in spring training, i was more bullish on bryan augenstein than circumstances warranted, but otherwise, i stand by my thoughts. i pimped for tony cruz early on, felt briefly vindicated when he was promoted, then less so when he stagnated later in the season. the cruz-anderson discussion will be interesting going into spring training.

do you remember when we demoted mitch boggs and kept ryan franklin and miguel batista on the team? good times. in retrospect, i spent an awful lot of time talking about how terrible both of them and ryan theriot were. i don't regret that.

i proudly declared the cardinals' GIDP streak unsustainable in june. hahahahahaha.

how long can a bad-glove second baseman hit so badly without getting released or pushed to a reserve role? unfortunately, i think we may find out.

sadly, june-me, the answer is THE WHOLE SEASON. it's true -- even in september, skip schumaker had almost twice as many PAs as any of the other three players who saw time at second base.

somehow, the pirates were in or near first place for a really long time.

as the season wore down, i did post several despairing threads (although not altogether hopeless - well, maybe a little) indicating my lack of faith in the team's ability to come through. for that i have repented.

and you all know how the season ended up. altogether, it was a great year for the cardinals. and i said less dumb shit than i thought i might have. so, hooray!