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Friday Morning Thread: Shelby Miller Timing

I like the question raised in this Post-Dispatch headline, although Shelby Miller's arrival—the question, if you don't want to click through to four paragraphs of Larry Borowsky—is probably not actually coming in 2012, if all goes according to plan, unless the Cardinals plan on doing the David Price thing.

More important, for me, is what the Cardinals will get out of the talent they do expect to bring up this year, because at this moment—starting David Freese and David Freese's 2011 understudy, Daniel Descalso, using Tyler Greene as the beard for a shortstop situation that's exactly as unsettled as it was at this point last year—they're expecting a lot out of them.

Let me be the first person to say this really obvious thing this month: The Cardinals' success in 2012 will be extremely dependent on players who could be replacement level types or league average types. Not just Descalso, but Matt Carpenter, a cast of a thousand relief pitchers—the Cardinals succeeded in 2011 because those guys were almost uniformly outstanding. The most exposed Memphis type who wasn't perfectly fine at his position was Mark Hamilton, who hit .213 over 51 plate appearances.