Fun & Gems with the 2011 Cardinals*

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Soooo, it's that time of year again.. when baseball stops playing and we look back to dissect the season and see what was good and what was not. For my own sanity I like to concentrate on the positives. This year I was afraid that with the loss of both sides of the Boog and Bombs show and the most oledinddongcolorful player on the roster, this post would be rather bland, but I tried my best to extract the fun. And boy, was there baseball fun!

Offseason and Spring Training

The best thing that happened in the offseason was the signing of Lance Berkman who soon proved to be not only in the Best Shape of His Life™ but to be really funny. In his first AB in Spring Training, playing with a stiff elbow, he launched an opposite field bomb on the second pitch he saw and thus began the Year Of Our Berk.

Also, we were finally able to take Allen Craig off the milk carton and dodged a bullet when Stavinoha was left off the 40-man. Matt Carpenter showed great promise in Spring Training and Eduardo Sanchez and Fernando Salas made an impression. Carp told Shelby Miller he was tipping his pitches but there was no luggage involved. There was a light dugout clearing altercation with the Nats that was, sadly, not televised. Oh, and there was a surge of new ink on the squad: Lohse, Molina and Carp

This year's batch of Cardinals commercials was somehow not that great, and so devoid of spinning, but here they are anyway:

Scatter plots for our top regular season HR hitters

Remember how bad of a spring training Jaime had and the Westbrook season collapse? Remember we almost had Jim Edmonds on the roster? Remember when Carp and Boggs exited a Spring Training game with injuries back to back? Remember Jon Jay being over eager to get to camp not being able to sleep so he left in the middle of the night to drive there? Remember when the Pujols contract circus was driving us nuts, and the Theriot jorts comment? How about when it was announced Adam Wainwright was going to have TJ surgery and be out for the entire season? Recall Matt Holliday's appendix, Albert Pujols's broken hand, David Freese's broken hand, David Freese's concussion, Allen Craig's broken knee and all the other assorted broken bones on the team, Tony La Russa's shingles and The Eye? Remember Joe Pettini - manager? How about the blown saves and the closer carousel? Remember the turtlenecks, the faux hawks, Ryan "the Captain" Theriot, Tony La Russa's Santana good luck charm, and the Shredder? Remember being 10 1/2 games out of the Wild Card with 35 games left to play? Remember the Texas Rangers asking the Cardinals to trade Lance Berkman to them at the end of August? Recall the squirrels and the tortoises and the moth? Phonegate, #HappyFlight? What kind of crazy weird chaos was this past season?!?! But look how that turned out!

2011 Cardinals HRs

1. Holliday #1 (S)
Game 001 vs SD (Adams) 407 ft
2. Pujols #1 (S)
Game 002 vs SD (Richard) 401 ft
3. Rasmus #1 (S)
Game 008 @ SF (Cain) 428 ft
4. Freese #1 (S)
Game 009 @ SF (Mota) 370 ft
5. Berkman #1 (S)
Game 010 @ ARI (Gutierrez) 362 ft
6. Berkman #2 (2R)
Game 010 @ ARI (Gutierrez) 368 ft
7. Jay #1 (S)
Game 010 @ ARI (Gutierrez) 364 ft
8. Berkman #3 (S)
Game 011 @ ARI (Galarraga)
400 ft
9. Freese #2 (S)
Game 011 @ ARI (Galarraga) 432 ft
10. Rasmus #2 (S)
Game 011 @ ARI (Galarraga) 388 ft
11. Berkman #5 (GS) Game 012 @ ARI (Kennedy) 387 ft
12. Schumaker #1 (3R) Game 012 @ ARI (Heilman) 409 ft
13. Pujols #2 (S) Game 013 @ LAD (Kuroda) 364 ft
14. Berkman #6 (S) Game 014 @ LAD (Garland) 401 ft
15. Berkman #7 (S) Game 015 @ LAD (Garland) 430 ft
16. Pujols #3 (2R) Game 015 @ LAD (Jansen) 408 ft
17. Pujols #4 (S) Game 015 @ LAD (Hawksworth) 411 ft
18. Craig #1 (3R) Game 016 @ LAD (Kershaw) 382 ft
19. Pujols #5 (S) Game 017 vs WSH (Lannan) 416 ft
20. Rasmus #3 (S) Game 017 vs WSH (Lannan) 424 ft
21. Holliday #2 (2R) Game 018 vs WSH (Gorzelanny) 395 ft
22. Pujols #6 (2R) Game 018 vs WSH (Balester) 418 ft
23. Pujols #7 (S) Game 021 vs CIN (Wood) 426 ft
24. Molina #1 (3R) Game 022 vs CIN (Volquez) 413 ft
25. Holliday #3 (S) Game 024 @ HOU (Happ) 363 ft
26. Greene #1 (S) Game 024 @ HOU (Happ) 370 ft
27. Berkman #7 (3R) Game 025 @ HOU (Abad) 399 ft
28. Berkman #8 (S) Game 025 @ HOU (Rodriguez) 467 ft
29. Berkman #9 (3R) Game 029 vs FLA (Volstad) 391 ft
30. Holliday #4 (2R) Game 030 vs FLA (Sanchez) 365 ft
31. Descalso #1* (3R) Game 030 vs FLA (Hensley) 390 ft
32. Jay #2 (S-PH) Game 031 vs FLA (Nunez) 386 ft
33. Berkman #10 (3R) Game 032 vs FLA (Dunn) 400 ft
34. Molina #2 (S) Game 033 vs MIL (Wolf) 394 ft
35. Holliday #5 (S) Game 038 @ CHC (Coleman) 418 ft
36. Jay #3 (3R) Game 040 @ CIN (Cueto) 363 ft
37. Berkman #11 (S) Game 041 @ CIN (Wood) 410 ft
38. Molina #3 (S) Game 041 @ CIN (Wood) 386 ft
39. Craig #2 (S) Game 045 vs HOU (Happ) 366 ft
40. Holliday #6 (2R-DH) Game 047 @ KC (Wood) 452 ft
41. Craig #3 (2R) Game 048 @ KC (O'Sullivan) 402 ft
42. Pujols #8 (S) Game 049 @ SD (Moseley) 355 ft
43. Jay #4 (2R) Game 054 @ COL (Chacin) 380 ft
44. Rasmus #4 (S) Game 054 @ COL (Chacin) 410 ft
45. Pujols #9 (S) Game 055 vs SF (Ramirez) 414 ft
46. Craig #4 (2R) Game 057 vs SF (Lincecum) 422 ft
47. Rasmus #5 (GS) Game 058 vs SF (Mota) 406 ft
48. Berkman #12 (3R) Game 059 vs CHC (Dempster) 429 ft
49. Pujols #10 (2R) Game 059 vs CHC (Dempster) 383 ft
50. Pujols #11 (2R) Game 060 vs CHC (Wells) 413 ft
51. Pujols #12-WO (S) Game 060 vs CHC (Samardzija) 395 ft
52. Pujols #13-WO (S) Game 061 vs CHC (Lopez) 427 ft
53. Berkman #13 (2R) Game 062 @ HOU (Myers) 426 ft
54. Pujols #14 (S) Game 062 @ HOU (Del Rosario) 423 ft
55. Berkman #14 (S) Game 063 @ HOU (Norris) 362 ft
56. Theriot #1 (S) Game 064 @ HOU (Rodriguez) 356 ft
57. Berkman #15 (S) Game 064 @ HOU (Rodriguez) 416 ft
58. Berkman #16 (S) Game 066 @ MIL (Greinke) 393 ft
59. Pujols #15 (2R) Game 068 @ WSH (Maya) 394 ft
60. Berkman #17 (S) Game 068 @ WSH (Maya) 373 ft
61. Holliday #7 (S) Game 070 vs WSH (Lannan) 437 ft
62. Pujols #16 (S) Game 070 vs WSH (Clippard) 387 ft
63. Molina #4 (S) Game 070 vs WSH (Storen) 393 ft
64. Holliday #8 (2R) Game 072 vs KC (Holland) 433 ft
65. Pujols #17 (S) Game 073 vs KC (Coleman) 403 ft
66. Schumaker #2-WO (S) Game 073 vs KC (Collins) 407 ft
67. Jay #5 (S) Game 076 vs PHI (Oswalt) 422 ft
68. Berkman #18 (3R) Game 076 vs PHI (Baez) 392 ft
69. Rasmus #6 (S) Game 077 vs TOR (Morrow) 406 ft
70. Holliday #9 (2R) Game 077 vs TOR (Morrow) 380 ft
71. Rasmus #7 (S) Game 080 @ BAL (Britton) 415 ft
72. Holliday #10 (S) Game 080 @ BAL (Berken) 400 ft
73. Rasmus #8 (2R) Game 081 @ BAL (Jakubauskas) 409 ft
74. Berkman #19 (2R) Game 082 @ BAL (Matusz) 432 ft
75. Jay #6 (3R) Game 082 @ BAL (Matusz) 392 ft
76. Berkman #20 (S) Game 082 @ BAL (Simon) 403 ft
77. Rasmus #9 (3R) Game 083 @ TB (Howell) 395 ft
78. Berkman #21 (S) Game 084 @ TB (Niemann) 371 ft
79. Berkman #22 (2R) Game 085 @ TB (Hellickson) 398 ft
80. Molina #5 (S) Game 085 @ TB (Hellickson) 423 ft
81. Holliday #11 (S) Game 087 vs CIN (Volquez) 378 ft
82. Berkman #23 (S) Game 087 vs CIN (Volquez) 427 ft
83. Holliday #12 (3R) Game 087 vs CIN (Volquez) 422 ft
84. Holliday #13 (S) Game 088 vs CIN (Arroyo) 401 ft
85. Jay #7 (S) Game 088 vs CIN (Cordero) 406 ft
86. Berkman #24 (S) Game 090 vs ARI (Kennedy) 384 ft
87. Holliday #14 (S) Game 090 vs ARI (Heilman) 427 ft
88. Pujols #18 (2R) Game 091 vs ARI (Brazoban) 407 ft
89. Freese #3 (2R) Game 092 vs ARI (Duke) 379 ft
90. Pujols #19 (2R) Game 093 @ CIN (Chapman) 404 ft
91. Pujols #20 (3R) Game 094 @ CIN (Arroyo) 386 ft
92. Berkman #25 (S) Game 095 @ CIN (Bailey) 450 ft
93. Berkman #26 (S) Game 096 @ NYM (Gee) 448 ft
94. Pujols #21 (2R) Game 098 @ NYM (Niese) 406 ft
95. Pujols #22 (2R) Game 099 @ PIT (Maholm) 411 ft
96. Freese #4 (2R) Game 099 @ PIT (Maholm) 361 ft
97. Molina #6 (S) Game 099 @ PIT (Resop) 408 ft
98. Berkman #27 (3R) Game 100 @ PIT (Correia) 426 ft
99. Molina #7 (S) Game 100 @ PIT (Correia) 335 ft
100. Rasmus #10 (S) Game 101 @ PIT (Morton) 423 ft
101. Molina #8 (S) Game 103 vs HOU (Happ) 410 ft
102. Rasmus #11 (2R) Game 103 vs HOU (Carpenter) 431 ft
103. Pujols #23 (2R) Game 104 vs HOU (Myers) 419 ft
104. Freese #5 (S) Game 104 vs HOU (Myers) 376 ft
105. Freese #6 (3R) Game 106 vs CHC (Garza) 401 ft
106. Pujols #24 (S) Game 107 vs CHC (Lopez) 378 ft
107. Freese #7 (2R) Game 107 vs CHC (Russell) 414 ft
108. Berkman #28 (3R) Game 108 vs CHC (Dempster) 412 ft
109. Holliday #15 (2R) Game 109 @ MIL (Greinke) 364 ft
110. Holliday #16 (S) Game 110 @ MIL (Marcum) 444 ft
111. Garcia #1* (3R) Game 110 @ MIL (Marcum) 388 ft
112. Furcal #2 (3R) Game 111 @ MIL (Wolf) 384 ft
113. Holliday #17 (3R) Game 112 @ FLA (Hensley) 374 ft
114. Pujols #25 (S) Game 112 @ FLA (Badenhop) 404 ft
115. Holliday #18 (S) Game 113 @ FLA (Sanchez) 390 ft
116. Pujols #26 (2R) Game 114 @ FLA (Nolasco) 375 ft
117. Pujols #27 (S) Game 115 @ FLA (Vasquez) 404 ft
118. Furcal #3 (S) Game 118 vs MIL (Gallardo) 395 ft
119. Pujols #28 (S) Game 118 vs MIL(Gallardo) 409 ft
120. Pujols #29 (2R) Game 121 vs COL (Rogers) 435 ft
121. Pujols #30 (S) Game 123 @ PIT (Karstens) 397 ft
122. Craig #5 (2R) Game 124 @ PIT (Maholm) 409 ft
123. Craig #6 (S) Game 124 @ PIT (Lincoln) 369 ft
124. Molina #9 (2R) Game 125 @ CHC (Wells) 383 ft
125. Freese #8 (S) Game 125 @ CHC (Wells) 392 ft
126. Jay #8 (S) Game 127 @ CHC (Lopez) 379 ft
127. Molina #10 (S) Game 127 @ CHC (Lopez) 381 ft
128. Pujols #31 (S) Game 127 @ CHC (Lopez) 401 ft
129. Molina #11 (2R) Game 127 @ CHC (Lopez) 378 ft
130. Berkman #29 (S) Game 128 vs LAD (Eovaldi) 432 ft
131. Laird #1 (2R) Game 130 vs LAD (Kuroda) 383 ft
132. Holliday #19 (3R) Game 131 vs PIT (Watson) 395 ft
133. Molina #12 (3R) Game 132 vs PIT (McDonald) 366 ft
134. Berkman #30 (2R) Game 132 vs PIT (Varas) 400 ft
135. Furcal #4 (S) Game 136 @ MIL (Wolf) 386 ft
136. Pujols #32 (S) Game 136 @ MIL (Wolf) 414 ft
137. Westbrook #1* (GS) Game 136 @ MIL (Wolf) 367 ft
138. Furcal #5 (S) Game 137 @ MIL (Gallardo) 395 ft
139. Pujols #33 (S) Game 137 @ MIL (Gallardo) 441 ft
140. Pujols #34 (GS) Game 137 @ MIL (Gallardo) 361 ft
141. Holliday #20 (2R) Game 137 @ MIL (Gallardo) 379 ft
142. Furcal
#6 (S) Game 138 vs CIN (Cueto) 366 ft
143. Freese
#9 (S) Game 138 vs CIN (Arredondo) 371 ft
144. Holliday
#21 (S) Game 138 vs CIN (Cordero) 430 ft
145. Jay #9 (S) Game 140 vs CIN (Arroyo) 404 ft
146. Jay
#10 (S) Game 142 vs MIL (Gallardo) 397 ft
147. Holliday
#22 (S) Game 142 vs MIL (Gallardo) 349 ft
148. Furcal #7 (S) Game 143 vs MIL (Greinke) 381 ft
149. Pujols #35 (2R) Game 147 @ PIT (Lincoln) 420 ft
150. Molina #13 (S) Game 150 @ PHI (Bastardo) 345 ft
151. Pujols #36 (2R) Game 152 @ PHI (Hamels) 426 ft
152. Craig #7 (2R) Game 152 @ PHI (Hamels) 406 ft
150. Craig #8 (S) Game 152 @ PHI (Blanton) 418 ft
153. Berkman #31 (S) Game 153 @ PHI (Halladay) 375 ft
154. Freese #10 (3R) Game 155 vs NYM (Beato) 367 ft
155. Craig #9 (2R) Game 156 vs NYM (Capuano) 430 ft
156. Pujols #37 (S) Game 156 vs NYM (Capuano) 391 ft
157. Molina #14 (S) Game 159 vs CHC (Wells) 399 ft
158. Furcal #8 (S) Game 159 vs CHC (Wells) 409 ft
159. Craig #10 (3R) Game 161 @ HOU (Rodriguez) 347 ft
160. Punto #1 (S) Game 161 @ HOU (Abreu) 405 ft
161. Craig #11 (S) Game 162 @ HOU (Pendleton) 380 ft
162 (1). Berkman #32 (1) (3R) NLDS 1 @ PHI (Halladay) 410 ft
163 (2). Freese #11 (1) (2R) NLDS 4 @ PHI (Oswalt) 428 ft
164 (3). Freese #12 (2) (3R) NLCS 1 @ MIL (Greinke) 390 ft
165 (4). Pujols #38 (1) (2R) NLCS 2 @ MIL (Marcum) 388 ft
166 (5). Freese #13 (3) (S) NLCS 2 @ MIL (Narveson) 354 ft
167 (6). Holliday #23 (1) (S) NLCS 4 vs MIL (Wolf) 348 ft
168 (7). Craig #12 (1) (S) NLCS 4 vs MIL (Wolf) 418 ft
169 (8). Freese #14 (4) (3R) NLCS 6 @ MIL (Marcum) 376 ft
170 (9). Furcal #9 (1) (S) NLCS 6 @ MIL (Narveson) 400 ft
171 (10). Pujols #39 (2) (S) NLCS 6 @ MIL (Narveson) 423 ft
172 (11). Craig #13 (2) (S) WS 3 @ TEX (Harrison) 388 ft
173 (12). Pujols #40 (3) (3R) WS 3 @ TEX (Ogando) 431 ft
174 (13). Pujols #41 (4) (2R) WS 3 @ TEX (Gonzalez) 424 ft
175 (14). Pujols #42 (5) (S) WS 3 @ TEX (Oliver) 420 ft
176 (15). Berkman #33 (2) (2R) WS 6 vs TEX (Harrison) 418 ft
177 (16). Craig #14 (3) (S) WS 6 vs TEX (Holland) 384 ft
178 (17). Freese #15 (5) (S-WO) WS 6 vs TEX (Lowe) 428 ft
179 (18). Craig #15 (4) (S) WS 7 vs TEX (Harrison) 379 ft

Here is a couple of (highly amateur) spliced together videos of soundbites throughout the 2011 season (thanks to FSNMW, MLB, TBS, FOX, the world wide Interwebs and various sources). Don't look for any informative value or content or any quality, it's all just for giggles. (Btw, finding a host for the self made videos proved more complicated when i thought, bear with the 20 second spot in German before it starts, it's a pain in the ass but so far the only way to circumvent copyright stuff. I'm also giving you alternative links)

Regular Season - MLB summary video, a very cool season summary video from someone on YouTube and two part interview hilarity (either use the link or watch the embedded below)

Postseason video summaries NLDS, NLCS, WS (links), MLB NL Champs video, and in case you missed it - Freese on Leno and TLR on Letterman




Also, Freese on Access Hollywood and on Ellen


I know they're not all his fault but they're all funny. If YouTube removes the video, here's an alternative link.


After struggling all Spring Training Jaime throws a CGSO in his first 2011 start on 102 pitches Apr 2

K-Mac 6.0 IP, 1 ER, 4 SO, W, single, double, 2RBI Apr 11

Back to back homers by Berkman and Jay Apr 11

17 hits, 15 runs, 8 doubles, Berkman GS, Skip HR, Sanchez debut, W Apr 13

Lohse CGSO 2-hitter Apr 21

Berkman goes 4-for-5 with 2 HR's one on each side,
9 run 6th - 14 batters 10 hits 9 runs - single single single HR single walk forceout single flyout single single single single groundout Apr 28

Jaime perfect through 7 1/3, pitches two-hit shutout on 102 pitches May 6th

Cards pound Cubs for 9 runs on 16 hits, Jay 3 hits 3 RBIs, Jaime is 5-0 with 1.89 ERA May 12

Albert makes a start at 3rd for the first time since 2002 May 16

Pete Kozma hits an RBI double in debut May 18

Cards win 9-8 with the tying run and go-ahead run walked in back to back in the 10th, collect 13 walks (5 for Colby alone), 12 hits, Yadi goes 4-for-5 with a walk, 3 RBIs and a HR short of the cycle May 22

Tony Cruz debuts 3-for-5 May 24

19 hits, 10 runs, Colby 4-for-5 with 2 triples May 27

3 doubles back to back, Skip dives into first FTW May 31

Albert 3-for-4 with 3 RBIs, 2 HR's (second's a walkoff) June 4

Albert hits walk off HRs in consecutive games June 4 and June 5

5 run 6th on 10 ABs Jun 9

6 run 8th on 10 ABs Jun 23

Carp throws CG W on 132 pitches Jun 29

3 HRs - Berk homers from both sides Jun 30

Lego and Berk go back to back plus one more from Holliday Jul 5

Albert's 2000th hit Jul 29

8 run 5th against the Cubs Jul 30

Riot collects 4 hits against the Cubs Jul 30

Albert goes 4-for-4 with HR, 4 RBIs, 3 singles Aug 11

5 run 6th Aug 12

Carp K's 10 Aug 16

Craigen goes 4-for-5 with two home runs, three RBIs, and two runs scored and defense; Yadi has his 10th 3-hit game of the season; Lohse K's 7 Aug 17

4 HR game; Albert goes 4-for-5 with a HR; Yadi hits 2 HRs, breaks his personal season HR record; Jay and Yadi hit back to back HRs; 14 hits, 6 runs, W Aug 21

Skip goes 4-for-4 - 4 singles and an RBI Aug 24

Lohse collects 100th W Aug 28

Sweep in MIL Aug 30-Sep 1 in dramatic highly entertaining fashion plus bonus features - Albert messes with Brewers fan, Westy hits a GS, Ryan Braun faceplants (see gratifying visuals below)

Motte sets franchise record streak of 33 scoreless appearances over 26 1/3 innings June 23-Sep 7

Jay 3-for-4 plus defense; benches clear because Nyjer Morgan is a dumbass, Carp DGAF because he pitches a complete game shutout on 97 pitches, 4 hits, 2 walks Sep 7

Chambers' first major league hit wins game, Albert goes 4-for-4, Tyler Greene gets a PA!! and almost hits a HR Sep 16

3 HR game - Craig hits 2, Albert 1, plus Carp pitches 8 scoreless against Phils Sep 18

6 run 7th and Albert goes 4-for-5 Sep 20

Freese 2-for-4 with the game winning 2R HR, 3B, 5 RBIs Sep 21

Carp suicide squeeze Sep 23

Game 161 one game down from NLWC and down 5 runs, 5 run 4th, 4 run 7th, 3 run 8th, 17 hits, 13 runs, Punto 4-for-5 with 2 singles, double, HR and Cards tie for the NLWC Sep 27

In the deciding game 162 Carp pitches a 2-hit CGSO on 106 pitches with 11K's, offense scores 5 in the 1st, 8 total; ATL's historic collapse continues as they blow the save in game 162 and lose to PHI in the 13th. STL chants Torty! and Happy Flight! with champagne and beer raining down Sep 28

After starting off 1-7 because of poor defense and run support, Carp ends the regular season 11-9 and as bonus he hits 3 doubles and gets 5 RBIs

Yadi beats his personal HR record and ends the regular season with .305/.349/.465 14 HR, 65 RBIs

In NLDS 2, after trailing 4 runs Cardinals take Cliff Lee for 12 hits, 2 walks and 5 ER to win the game and tie the series. Bullpen pitches 6 stellar shutout innings of 1 hit ball between 6 pitchers. Theriot goes 2-for-4 with an RBI and 2 runs; Jay 2-for-3 with a walk and two RBIs Oct 2

In NLDS 3, even though the Cardinals outhit and outpitch the Phillies, they unluckily fall just short. Pujols goes 4-for-5 with an RBI and 3 doubles, Theriot 4-for-5 with 4 singles Oct 4

In NLDS 4, facing elimination and giving up 2 in the 1st after only 5 pitches, Cards fight back with some excellent defense, Freese goes 2-for-3 with 4 RBIs, a 2-run double and a 2-run HR and force a Game 5 Oct 5

In the decisive NLDS 5, Carp faces off with old friend Roy Halladay; Furcal hits a leadoff triple, Skip drives him in with a double after making Doc throw him 10 pitches. Yadi steals a base, the middle infield defense is stellar, Cards win 1-0 after Carp throws a 3-hit (1 walk) CGSO on 110 pitches and gets shredded. Cards advance to the NLCS Oct 7

In NLCS 2, after GIDPing in a very unfortunate spot the night before, Albert Pujols goes 4-for-5 with a HR, 3 doubles, 5 RBIs, 3 runs, 10 TB; Cardinals score 4 runs on 6 consecutive hits in the 7th, have 17 total hits; Lohse PHs, Yadi plays some 1B, Jay is 3-for-5; win 12-3, winning pitcher is Lance Lynn who threw one single pitch Oct 10

NLCS 3 four run 1st, bullpen holds the 1 run lead for 4 innings, Cardinals take first postseason series lead, rally squirrels everywhere Oct 12

Lance Berkman wins NL Comeback Player of the Year Award

In NLCS 5 the Brewers trot out some horrendous defense (4 errors) and Zack Greinke gives up 5 runs (2 ER) in 5.2 innings. Matt Holliday goes 3-for-5 with 2 RBIs, Yadi 3-for-4 with an RBI, Nick Punto bunts in the 8th spot with runners on and Jaime drives a run in the next AB. Lance Berkman swipes a bag. Cards win 7-1 and take a #happyflight back to Milwaukee leading the NLCS 3-2 Oct 14

Game 6 is won 12-6, both teams hit 3 HRs each and set a postseason record. Cards put up 4 in 1st and 3rd. Pujols is 2-for-4 with a walk, a HR (15th in postseason play tying Babe Ruth for seventh-most all-time), 2 RBIs and a run scored; Yadi goes 2-for-4 with a walk, Freese 3-for-4 with a HR, 3 RBIs, 3 runs scored, Jay makes some crazy defensive plays. Cardinals win the NL pennant and advance to the World Series Oct 16

Freese is the NLCS MVP - 12 for 22 (.545), 3 HRs, 9 RBIs, 3 doubles, 7 runs, 24 TB, 2 Ks, 1.091 SLG, 4 for 5 with RISP, and defense

Cards win WS Game 1 3-2 on a crazy cold night, when Carp makes this play, a PH'ing Craigen drives in the winning run, Freese extends postseason hitting streak to 11 games (18 hits) Oct 19

PH'ing Cragen drives in the go-ahead run off the same pitcher and on the same pitch as in Game 1. Jaime Garcia pitches sensational 7 innings and K's 7. Freese extends hitting streak to 12 games (19 hits). Unfortunately, Cards blow it in the 9th and end the #HappyFlight streak. Oct 20

TLR sports a faux hawk

WS Game 3 is positively nuts - Cardinals make all kinds of individual and team history. They score in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th and become the first club to have 4 multi-run innings in a WS game. Game is won 16-7, Allen Craig hits a solo HR in his first AB, Freese is 2-for-4 with a walk, a run and 2 RBIs (extends hitting streak to 13 games and 21 hits); Yadi is 2-for-3 with a walk, a run and 4 RBIs; Albert (previously hitting .000) goes 5-for-6 with 4 runs scored, 14 TB, and 6 RBIs - a 3-run HR, a 2-run HR and a solo HR (one tiny little Grand Slam away from the Pujolsian Cycle :), ups AVG to .417) Oct 22

WS Game 7 is much more timid. In a bizarre 5th, the Cardinals push 2 through without a single hit - BB, HBP, IBB, BB, HBP. Oct 28

Freese is the WS MVP - 8 for 23 (.348), 1 HR, 7 RBIs, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 4 runs, 5 walks, 16 TB, .696 SLG

Freese now holds the postseason record for RBIs with 21 and TB with 50

MLB looks back on the Cardinals 2011 pennant run

Full video of the Victory Parade

Yadier Molina wins 4th consecutive Gold Glove

Cardinals name Mike Matheny as the new manager Nov 14

The last out of 2011


Theriot takes 12 pitches to help Brian Wilson blow the save Apr 8

5 man infield, 3B Craig, rundown Apr 8

4 consecutive games with 16+ hits (16, 17, 16, 19), 43 runs scored (8, 15, 9, 11) Apr 12-Apr 15

7 consecutive games with 11+ hits (11, 14, 16, 17, 16, 19, 13), 56 runs scored (6, 8, 8, 15, 9, 11, 9) Apr 10-Apr 16

Apr 11-Apr 15: total team HRs - 13 (Berkman HRs - 6)

Apr 15: Yadi 4-4, Berkman 2 HR, Pujols 2 HR, Colby 3 doubles, 19 hits, 11 runs, Lohse collects 1000th career strikeout, W

TLR pulls a fast one with Batista-McClellan swap before rain delay. Dusty Baker whines Apr 22

Berkman has 7 consecutive multi-hit games Apr 20-Apr 28

Puma returns to Houston and gets a standing ovation Apr 26

Riot returns to Chicago and gets booed May 10

Apr-May K-Mac in conversation for NL Cy Young

Carp yells at Hanley Ramirez May 4

La Russa misses 6 whole games to treat shingles May 10-May16

Lohse impersonates TLR May 12

Yadi scores on his own triple May 22

TLR tossed for arguing balls and strikes May 23

Theriot 20 game hitting streak May 15-Jun 8

Westy hits a 3-run double Jun 7

Tony manages 5000th Jun 10

Mark Hamilton dives head first into 1B for an infield single to drive in the only run in a Carp-Cueto luggage free shutout duel Jul 4

Albert regrows bones in 16 days Jun 19-Jul 5

Cards battle back from 0-8 against CIN, with a 5 run 7th, to tie it in the 9th, go 13 but lose it. Still, very exciting game Jul 6

Carp pitches 4 straight with 119+ (124, 124, 132, 119) pitches June 17-Jul 4

Riot riots Jul 17

Berkman deposits one on the Shea Bridge at Citi Field Jul 19

Yadi a triple shy of the cycle goes 3-for-4 with 2 RBIs, 3 runs scored Jul 25

Carp picks up 1,000th strikeout as a member of the Cardinals Aug 1

Yadi riots and Tony riots, Brewers hit Pujols, Motte throws at Braun once and misses him and then drills him in the ribs with the next pitch Aug 2

Riot and Furcal successfully fake a DP Aug 19

Matty and the Moth - the attack and the consequences Aug 22

Skip pitches the 9th, updates ERA to 18.00 Aug 23

Yadi has a double, no a single, oh wait, how many runners do we have on 2B, schrew it, it's a base hit Aug 31

Westy hits his first career HR and it's a GS Aug 31

3 HR game - 1st inning leadoff Furcal and then Albert, Westy GS in 4th Aug 31

Game almost identical to previous night - 1st inning leadoff Furcal HR then Albert HR, then Albert GS in 3rd; Pujols goes 4-for-4 with HR, GS, 2 singles, 5 RBIs; team 10 hits (4 HRs), 8 runs, all 12 runs in the game were scored via the long ball (9 HRs altogether), Holliday hits 200th career HR Sep 1

Furcal hits 3 HRs in 3 consecutive games Aug 31 - Sep 2

Nyjer Morgan gives an obnoxious postgame interview, then takes to Twitter and calls Pujols "Alberta", writes the Cardinals off and murders grammar and spelling Sep 7

Alberta couldn't see Plush if she had her gloves on!!! Wat was she thinking running afta Plush!!! She never been n tha ring!!!"
Where still n 1st and I hope those crying birds injoy watching tha Crew in tha Playoffs!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!

The Shredder gets shredded Sep 9

Furcal career SB 300 Sep 10

Tony tries smoke signals, pantomime, postal pigeons to signal to the bullpen Sep 17

MarmLOL meltdown in the 9th - FO, single, SB that turns into two, K, BB, BB, BB (run), wild pitch, game over Sep 24

Pujols Holliday double steal Sep 26

September: from 10 1/2 games back on the WC on Aug 25 the Cardinals go on a 23-9 tear to tie ATL for the NLWC at game 161 and clinch the NLWC in game 162

(also check out our chances to make playoffs by day)

Not a single ESPN or MLBN "expert" picked us to win or do anything notable in the NLDS. The talk was entirely about the Phillies rotation and they all thought we were just going to roll over and go away

The rally squirrel shows itself in NLDS 3

The rally squirrel returns, Charlie Manuel wants to shoot it in NLDS 4

TLR introduces the story of Torty to the media pre NLDS 5

The rally squirrel makes an impromptu appearance in the clubhouse in Philly during BP before NLDS 5

The rally squirrel befriends Octavio Dotel at NLDS 5

TRL says Torty and the squirrel are dating at NLDS 5

The Cardinals kick the universal favorite, the Phillies, out of the playoffs in 5

TLR bullpen in the NLDS (5 games): Game 1 - relievers used 4, IP 2.2, runs allowed 5, ER 5; Game 2-5 - relievers used 6+2+5+0=13, IP 11, runs allowed 1, ER 1

Just like the Reds last year, the Brewers try to force a rivalry on the Cardinals. Zack Greinke tells the media that the entire Brewers team dislikes Chris Carpenter and explains that it's because "phony attitude [..] yells at people [..] states people down and stuff", Nyjer Morgan backpedals and Tony responds - pre NLCS

TLR bullpen in the NLCS (6 games): relievers used 5+6+4+4+4+5=28, IP 28.2, runs allowed 7, ER 6

Only 4 of 26 ESPN "experts" pick us to win the WS. The two that predicted correctly Cardinals in 7 did it for the following reasons: "The most surprising World Series team can't stop one step short." (Karl Ravech) and "Home-field advantage, two or three Chris Carpenter starts, Tony La Russa and bullpen, Albert Pujols, and, well, destiny?" (Gene Wojciechowski)

TLR forgets how to work the phones WS Game 5

WS Game 6 is postponed [questionably] because of inclement weather, which allows Chris Carpenter to be the eventual starter in Game 7 if the now 2-3 trailing in the series Cardinals tie the Rangers by winning do-or-die Game 6.

WS Game 6 will probably go down in the books as the craziest ever. It makes all kinds of firsts in WS history as the Texas Rangers are twice one out away from their first ever championship, which looks so much like a sure thing that the plastic is already up in the visitors clubhouse. Down by 3 runs in the 7th as a result of some bad baserunning and 3 fielding errors, the Cardinals score in the 8th and 9th to tie it, fall back 2 in the 10th just to tie it again with 2 outs and win it in 11. Berkman 3-for-5 with a home run, three RBIs and four runs scored, including the game-tying hit in the 10th inning. The Rangers blow 3 saves and David Freese becomes the 1st player in WS elimination game history to drive in the tying and go ahead runs. Freese gets shredded, donates jersey and bat to Hall of Fame. And just to make it more interesting, the win is a walkoff HR in the 11th and down goes the plastic in the visitor's clubhouse, Cards force a Game 7. Oct 27

Chris Carpenter pitches WS Games 1, 5 and 7.

Carp pitches 6+ in Game 7 on three days’ rest for the second time in his career and second time this postseason.

TLR bullpen in WS (7 games): relievers used 5+5+4+2+4+6+4=30, IP 25.2, runs allowed 16, ER 13

Tony La Russa retires Oct 31

Number awesomeness:
In 2011 regular season the Cardinals had:
- most hits in the NL - 1513 (before the second place NYM (1477) and 4th in MLB)
- most runs in the NL - 762 (before the second place CIN and COL (735) and 5th in MLB)
- almost broke the GIDP record and still made the postseason
- lost Waino and still made the postseason
- most total bases in the NL - 2351 ahead of MIL and 6th in MLB
- highest AVG in NL - .273 and 5th in MLB (1st TEX with .283)
- highest OBP in NL - .341 and 3rd in MLB (1st BOS with .349)
- highest wOBA in NL - .332
- tied for 1st in SLG in NL - .425
- highest OPS in NL - .766, 5th overall
- highest OPS+ in NL - 113, 2nd in MLB behind BOS with 116 (per baseball-reference)
- turned the most DP in MLB - 167
- induced the most groundouts in MLB - 1738
- allowed the second fewest stolen bases - 64 (BOS allowed the most - 156)
- best wRC+ in NL - 111
- lowest strikeout rate in NL - 15.7%
- our defense was the second worst beside the NYM -30.8 UZR but made up for it with offense and were still first in NL in non-pitching WAR with 34.3 (per fangraphs)


Berkman walk-off May 17

Albert HR off Samardzija Jun 4

Albert HR off Lopez Jun 5

Skip HR off Collins Jun 19

Cruz PH RBI double Jul 9

Punto sac fly and gets shredded Sep 9

MarmLOL wild pitch with bases loaded, Chambers rushes home Sep 24

Freese WS Game 6 HR and gets shredded Oct 27

Defensive gems

Time for giffy extra dugout happiness (you're welcome)


My little personal collection of Lego 2011 head connector fail

The tweeting

Young Shelby Miller (@ShelbyMiller19) likes to tweet some pretty random stuff. The kid also likes the expression "it's the", go figure..

ShelbyMiller19 Long hair like a grizzly bear 1 May

ShelbyMiller19 Eating some Mexican food. How bomb is that after a game. About to hit the mall. Ball till ya fall 11 May

ShelbyMiller19 I think there's a indian convention going on at our hotel. 16 Jul
ShelbyMiller19 Yeah I meant the cheerleaders. Smh. See that's how excited I was. Lost my mind 16 Jul

ShelbyMiller19 Can't stop eating animal crackers. 2 Aug

ShelbyMiller19 @taylorswift13 I know you have 7 million followers. And you won't even see this. But I have to meet you someday! 4 Aug

ShelbyMiller19 Can't wait till im buying a condo/house in St. Louis. Waiting for the day. 6 Aug

ShelbyMiller19 If you wanna jam out to a beautiful voice listen to some Céline Dion- my heart will go on. #greatmusic 9 Aug

ShelbyMiller19 Rise and shine. Putting fence up around my feeders today. Dang cows knocked one over before I could put some up. 21 Sep

ShelbyMiller19 Lifting so hard. Got a nose bleed 27 Sep

ShelbyMiller19 Cardinals win! Working for a spot next year. This is my motivation... 28 Sep

ShelbyMiller19 Just saw a guy walk in to walmart with a cardinals shirt and Dallas cowboy pajama pants. Right on dude 5 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 I'm the type of guy who I want Tony to put the ball in my hand and say it's all yours. I'm ready for that day. 5 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 8 more just like that carp. Let's go big boy 7 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 I might be from Texas. But cardinal nation is my new home. Let's go birds #WS 19 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 You gotta be cocky, if you wanna be an ace in the big leagues. You gotta know your good. And know you can be even better. #work #cardinalnation love 19 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 The best way to get people to not talk to you is walk down the street and drink blue Gatorade out of a windex bottle. 25 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 All I want for Christmas is a shout out from Taylor Swift and a meet and greet 26 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 St. Louis. Wanting to pitch in these last two games. 27 Oct

ShelbyMiller19 Why do they sing take me out to the ball game when their already at the game? 1 Nov

ShelbyMiller19 Sky might fall 8 Nov

ShelbyMiller19 It's time to get on my own level 8 Nov

ShelbyMiller19 Is it breaking #guycode if you jam to Taylor Swift? I think not. 16 Nov

On the the complete opposite to our most promising baby bird, Daniel Descalso (@DanielDescalso) likes to tweet like an old man..

DanielDescalso Cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle...great way to start the day. 9 Jul

DanielDescalso So much to cram into one day in NYC. #centralpark #topoftherock #broadway show tonight!!! 18 Jul

DanielDescalso Cabby just asked @dfreese23 and myself to take it easy on the Pirates tonight...yeah right!! #whatuthink 22 Jul

DanielDescalso Brothers in STL last week. Parents and sisters in CHI this weekend. Descalso's are everywhere!! 17 Aug

DanielDescalso Back in STL. #Entourage viewing party with @jonjayU and @dfreese23 later. Expecting big things from the last season. 24 Jul

DanielDescalso Like my fellow @mlb_players, I'm proud to be a #unionmember this Labor Day. 3 Sep

DanielDescalso Wow!! What a night. Playoff bound. Let's do this!! #whatuthink 28 Sep

DanielDescalso On the way to Milwaukee!! Let's go Cards!! Thanks to everyone for sticking with us!!! #happyflight 8 Oct

DanielDescalso On the way to Milwaukee!! Let's go Cards!! Thanks to everyone for sticking with us!!! #happyflight 8 Oct

DanielDescalso Good to be back in STL. Even better to be back as NL Champs!! Thanks #cardinalnation. Let's go get a World Series title!! #whatuthink 17 Oct

DanielDescalso Feels great to wake up this morning as a #WorldChamp. Couldn't have written a better story. What a ride!!! Thanks #CardinalNation!! 29 Oct

DanielDescalso That parade was amazing! What an end to an epic season. #CardinalNation #calibound #650 30 Oct

DanielDescalso Congrats Tony La Russa on a Hall of Fame career. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of it. Best of luck to the skipper and his fam 31 Oct

DanielDescalso First Sunday home means football all day. Let's go #49ers...and #Rams too!! 6 Nov

DanielDescalso Congrats to Mike Matheny for being named the next Cardinals manager. Excited to play for him. #CardinalNation 14 Nov

Edwin Jackson (@EJ36) tweets a little too. Don't expect to see any hash tags though.

EJ36 Thanks for everyone's support! Wasn't quite how I planned it but a win is a win!!! Happy flight!!!! 17 Oct

EJ36 Thanks to the Cards fans it was a good game one! Close game and full of energy!!! 20 Oct

EJ36 Thanks For everybody's support!!! We just took the world on the wildest world series ride ever!!!! 29 Oct

Jon Jay (@jonjayU) likes shoes. A LOT. And everything Miami sports. He replies to a lot of tweets and that's about it

jonjayU So I was supposed to leave for Jupiter at 6am but decided since I'm so fired up and can't sleep I'll just go now Goodbye305 Hello Season 14 Feb

jonjayU I'm gonna put a pic of the freshest shoes of the day from teammates and friends! 16 Feb

jonjayU Good luck to my man #MattHolliday in the derby #popeyethesailorman #stlcards 11 Jul

jonjayU Playoff Bound #stlcards #whatUthink 28 Sep

jonjayU Heading back to the STL thanks for the support #cardinalnation #305 #whatUthink 3 Oct

jonjayU Thanks for all the love #cardinalnation and everyone at home in Miami #305 #WorldSeriesBound How about @dfreese23 or #MVFreese 17 Oct

jonjayU Forget the unexpected we did what we projected! What an incredible ride Thanks for all support #cardinalnation and everyone at home #305 29 Oct

jonjayU What a parade! Thanks for all the love #cardinalnation fired up for the 305 RU...? 30 Oct

jonjayU Congrats to Coach LaRussa on a Hall of Fame career, I am honored to have learned so much from a legend. All the best to the LaRussa family! 31 Oct

jonjayU Excited for the chance to play for Mike Matheny #cardinalnation 13 Nov

I don't speak any Spanish but Eduardo Sanchez (@ESanchez52) is so short in his tweets, I really don't need to. His very first tweet is "tranquilo..." followed by 4 months of silence. He's a big fan of his buddy Salas and has two beautiful little twin girls who, I believe, are called Anthonella and Arisbeth (I could be wrong) and posts pictures of them every once in a while

ESanchez52 ...(A+A)/Es?Br=<3... Simple!!!.. 26 Apr

ESanchez52 "ferd salas" hahahaha... 27 Apr

ESanchez52 1er salvado para "ferd salas" nice Job 28 Apr

ESanchez52 To milwaukee with the big ferd! 10 Jun

ESanchez52 Nothing bad with me shoulder will be back soon... 16 Jun

ESanchez52 Back to STL.... 19 Sep

ESanchez52 Nice job by carpenter tonite #WCRace #happyflight 28 Sep

ESanchez52 Ferd salas n eddie to play off! 28 Sep

ESanchez52 Big game 5 tonite STL Vs phi vamos cardenales #NLDS #buenavibra #believe 7 Oct

ESanchez52 Happy here we go!. #buenavibra. 7 Oct

ESanchez52 Tranquilo en wilwaukeé #NLCS #buenavibra 8 Oct

ESanchez52 Game 3 #NLCS tonite mil Vs STL let's go cards!.. #postseason #RallySquirrel #11in11 12 Oct

ESanchez52 Game 5 let's go cards fans #believe #nlcs #buenavibra 14 Oct

ESanchez52 Thanks for all everyone and congrats to @dfreese23 MVP #NLCS #believe #buenavibra #WorldSeriesBound and the best one #HAPPYFLIGHT..... 17 Oct

ESanchez52 Wow a 9 grados centígrados y con viento será que hay frío para el juego 1 #WorldSeries 19 Oct

ESanchez52 Wow what a game #believe #11in11 28 Oct

ESanchez52 Cardinals fans thanks for all support, we have a Game 7 tomorrow we need them all one more time! #WorldSeries #believe #11in11 #buenavibra 28 Oct

ESanchez52 Gracias a todos por el apoyo juego 7 #WorldSeries mañana uno mas #believe #buenavibra #11in11 28 Oct

ESanchez52 Oh thanks everybody thanks so much!... World champions yeaaaaahhh... #11IN11 #believe 29 Oct

Our biggest and funniest tweeter David Freese (@dfreese23) had around 18 thousand following his tweets at the end of the regular season but is currently (as of Nov 16) rocking over 82 thousand followers

dfreese23 What's up Twitter World. Only bout 5 years late but I'm here... 17 Jun

dfreese23 I mean honestly... can u wake up to Ice Cube knockin off one anaconda after another and feel any safer? I think not. Good morning guys. 18 Jun

dfreese23 Cardinal Nation how pumped are we the big guy is on our side... unreal! #mattholliday 18 Jun

dfreese23 Pretty sad when the first thing that popped in my head when I woke up was "This place about to blow!" Dreamin about Ke$ha? #blameTheriot 6 Jul

dfreese23 There's Jeter... There's Varitek... There's The Riot. Leaders are born, not made! #captain #theriot #thepulse 7 Jul

dfreese23 Apparently some people aren't fans of Beiber playin postgame. Try and say u don't blare Beiber in ur car with a straight face... ready go. 9 Jul

dfreese23 Pet peeve.. Goin thru the channel guide. Click on a show and yep commercial. Find another show yep commercial. Over it.. DVR here I come. 9 Jul

dfreese23 Jumpin on the plane soon with 5 or so players. Crickets! Prolly better since Garcia's wallet is gonna take up more room now!! #racks 14 Jul

dfreese23 Kids lookin for ya downstairs @DanielDescalso. Need an autograph. Apparently we look alike. Do u see it? Ya me neither. #happenswaytoomuch 16 Jul

dfreese23 Guess that bird lettin one go on me for good luck this mornin got us a win. Who am I kiddin... Carp + Alberto blast usually gets it done. 16 Jul

dfreese23 First time in the NYC. I'm lost already. #thehugeapple 17 Jul

dfreese23 Well this is a first... cab ride, BAM!! We got a flat tire!!! Feel so bad for the driver. 18 Jul

dfreese23 U think milk is a bad choice... try jeans!! #NYC #Anchorman 18 Jul

dfreese23 Gonna miss Colby. Great friend. Always will be. Wishin him the best. Do ur thing buddy. Even @joeybats19 is gonna love his pop! #Rasmus 27 Jul

dfreese23 All good yall. Lil concussion. Not much up there anyway. Be back in there soon. Tough way to grab a steak but we'll take it. #thatsawinner 4 Aug

dfreese23 Watching a woman eat a bowl cereal next to me at a stoplight... and driving and texting is bad??? 9 Aug
dfreese23 Gettin blown up here. "At a stoplight" texting!!! And yes she drove away eating still... can't knock her if #cinnamontoastcrunch 9 Aug

dfreese23 Dillard has a sinker!! Write that down. Big win!! 11 Aug

dfreese23 What have I done on my off day today? Rolled over, tweeted. So far planned to perfection. Bad thing about 8 pillows... where is the remote?! 18 Aug

dfreese23 Congrats to Kyle Lohse on his 100th win today. Career not season... that would be a record pretty sure. Keep grindin Birds! #stlcards 28 Aug

dfreese23 I think I hear Westy thankin me for being an idiot on the bases right before his salami. I sure set that up nicely. #oweyayadi #grandslam 31 Aug

dfreese23 So ur sayin there's a chance... #happyflight 19 Sep

dfreese23 We did it!!!! Now we go. Thank u Cardinal Nation for believing!!! Best group of guys I've ever been around, top to bottom. #happyflight 28 Sep

dfreese23 Let's talk about double plays... na. Let's talk about blown saves... nope. Let's talk about a team that never bought into all that. #cards 29 Sep

dfreese23 Thanks for tweets. Nice win. Carp Halladay... win or go home. Gonna be insane. Busch was rockin this series!! Team appreciates it!! 6 Oct

dfreese23 What a game to be a part of last night!! Even got people in Thailand rootin us on!! @HereLiesMoon @JOSH_WILLS29 @DanMarsala @storyoftheyear Oct 8

dfreese23 Tough loss. Been down before. Battle back tomorrow. Miller Park brought it today! Know Busch is waitin to rock on Wed! #nlcs #stlcards 9 Oct

dfreese23 #Happyflight #enoughsaid 10 Oct

dfreese23 How do u lose a fantasy football week by .8 pts? I'll show ya how. Unreal!! #fantasy #NFL #optionalmeansmandatory 11 Oct

dfreese23 Is the beach ok? RT @spllrblyell: Bought a @dfreese23 shirt, despite my superstition...god I hope he doesn't go anywhere in the offseason :! 11 Oct

dfreese23 @RobKennedy70 Mr. Kennedy! Great to hear from u. Remember u umpin our games. Sorry for the bad looks on tough calls:) 1 of our fav teachers 13 Oct

dfreese23 #happyflight 15 Oct

dfreese23 Big Brian Elliott save to help snag the win for the #Blues. Love it!! Goodnight. Game 6 here we come. #nlcs #stlcards 16 Oct

dfreese23 Thanks for the love yall. We had to play great to beat the Brewers. For the first time gettin smoked in fantasy football doesnt feel too bad 17 Oct

dfreese23 Lafayette High School, too kind with the sign out front of the school. Thanks for the thought. Means a lot to me. Good ole days!! #LHS 17 Oct

dfreese23 Contrary to popular belief #happyflight is about to take place. See ya in Texas. #nlcs #stlcards 21 Oct

dfreese23 Feels great to be back in STL. Nobody thought we'd be here weeks back. Heck of a ride. Unfinished business... lets do this!! #worldseries 25 Oct

dfreese23 Not much to say but thanks everybody. Like I said though... unfinished business. One more. #worldseries #totalteamwin 28 Oct

dfreese23 St. Louis Cardinals are World Series Champs! Beat a great Texas team. Thank u Cardinal Nation. Helped make all this possible. #ring 29 Oct

dfreese23 Speechless... #proudtobeabird 30 Oct

dfreese23 What a great time on @JayLenoTonight @jayleno great meeting u and thanks for having me on the show. #airstonight 31 Oct

dfreese23 Really cool hangin with @justinbieber today on The Tonight Show with Leno. Great dude. #noyoudaman 31 Oct

dfreese23 So much fun on @accesshollywood with @KitHoover and Billy. Billy throwing some heat with that wiggle ball. Sign em up!! Thanks guys!!! 1 Nov

dfreese23 Ellen boxers are feelin pretty comfy. Great gift! Thanks for having me on the show. A blast! @TheEllenShow 1 Nov

dfreese23 Heckuva time Nelly @KYJUANSTL @murphylee RT @Nelly_Mo: BDay gift, hung out at studio w/ WORLD SERIES MVP @dfreese23!WOW 3 Nov

dfreese23 Bag didn't make my connector to Nashville. I wonder if I can get by presenting with @ErinAndrews in Nike sweatpants and a hoodie?!?! #cmas 9 Nov
ErinAndrews @dfreese23 are we going shopping this afternoon? #mvpproblems 9 Nov
dfreese23 @ErinAndrews I don't know how to shop. I think so. #guyproblems 9 Nov
dfreese23 Just glad we didn't trip. RT @ErinAndrews: The MVP cleans up well..we're abt to present on the @CMAs #cmas 10 Nov

dfreese23 Can I still call Matheny #CaptainAmerica now that he's my new manager? We'll see... Love the hire. STL should be pumped. #Rightmanforthejob 13 Nov

For bonus tweets, if you're into that thing, read @TortyCraig, @BuschSquirrel, @SirGloveAWilson

Here's my photos from the 2011 season and the parade on Flickr.

* Hm.... I can't help but think that I'm forgetting something... but what was it... oh yeah,


It is what it is.

Now that we've drank all the champagne, thank you Cardinals for a great postseason run and unforgettable World Series! Happy retirement to Tony La Russa, good luck to Mike Matheny, and let's repeat in 2012!