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Late Night VEB: The Miami Marlins Make an Offer to Free Agent Albert Pujols

In the middle of their transformation from Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins, the Marlins met with free agent first baseman Albert Pujols today. Pujols reportedly lunched with ownership and took a tour of the new stadium. There was no word on whether the Marlins turned on the pinball machine-like center field home run celebration sculpture for Pujols or had one of their new orange uniforms made up with "Pujols" and "5" on the back. What the Marlins of Miami did do was make an offer to Free Agent Pujols. Ken Rosenthal had the report first, tweeting that the Marlins made a "substantial" offer to both Pujols and free agent shortstop Jose Ryes. Jon Heyman tweets that nothing is close to being finalized between Pujols and the Marlins. The courting of Pujols has begun and it is as uncomfortable and awkward as one might have imagined.