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NLCS Game 1: Overflow 1

Watching Matt Holliday just power through an inside out swing to dink one into right field in the first inning, I was wondering how good the Cardinals top-heavy offense is this year. So I thought I'd compare the three best hitters on the team (min 500 PA) and see how much better than average they are. Just some food for thought. There's a lot of offense on these teams even beyond their "big hitters". Don't be surprised if this series is a slug fest.

The numbers to the right of the year is the league average wOBA. The number to the right of a player's name is wOBA points above league average. For example: 2004 Albert Pujols wOBA = .330 + .109 = .439 wOBA


2004 Cardinals .330 2005 Cardinals .326 2011 Cardinals .316 2011 Brewers .316
Albert Pujols +.109 Albert Pujols +.110 Lance Berkman +.086 Ryan Braun +.117
Jim Edmonds +.106 Jim Edmonds +.060 Matt Holliday +.077 Prince Fielder +.092
Scott Rolen +.091 Reggie Sanders/Larry Walker +.057 Albert Pujols +.069 Corey Hart +.057
Total: +.306 Total: .227 Total: +.232 Total: +.266


*This was written after Braun's HR.