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greatest season ever

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well, that was a fantastic ride. after 2006, i suppose i should be used to world series runs that run against all conventional wisdom.

it's hard to think back to the early dominance of the cardinals in april, followed closely by the abject collapse of the team. i don't have to remind you - since every other article about the season recalls it - the run of the cardinals back from a 10.5 game deficit. 

the epic run to the postseason, closing on the last day was nothing but a prelude to an exciting 5 game series with  the phillies, a  challenging 6-game nlcs against milwaukee, and finally one of the most exciting  world series in recent memory.

along the way, we saw a historic single game offensive performance by albert pujols, repeated and unexpected clutch offensive performances from david freese (who - and you will never believe what i have just discovered - is actually from st. louis!), a remarkable endurancefest from chris carpenter, and a nearly perfect postseason from the stalwart members of the bullpen - including jason motte, fernando salas, and lance lynn.

posting two world series victories and three ws appearances in eight seasons (the albert pujols era)  is an outstanding showing for any team. 

and one can't mention albert without noting that today is day one (of five) of the exclusive negotiating period. 

i will try to have some further thoughts later in the day.