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World Series Kind Of A Big Deal Morning Thread

I'm too nervous to say anything interesting right now, not that there's much interesting to say—The St. Louis Cardinals are in an elimination game in the 2011 World Series at home with Jaime Garcia pitching and everybody just-about-healthy. They're a good team, and the Texas Rangers are a good team, and one of those teams will win Game 6 of the World Series. Which will be played! And the Cardinals are in it!

In the grand tradition of rain delay programming, here are some fanposts you might have missed over the last week or so, in no order, ahead of the actual preview post and then the actual baseball game:

  • I really enjoyed lancelotlink's fanpost comparing the 2011 regular season to the 2011 World Series, which makes for a surprisingly 1-to-1 analogy so far. By this method, Game 6 will involve Albert Pujols doing a thing and Game 7 will be won entirely with memes and relief pitchers. 
  • Meanwhile, back in the National League, Pegasus left us with this great travelogue about watching the Cardinals win the pennant (spoiler alert) in Milwaukee. 
  • I don't think anybody managed to look at the words "I'm Tony La Russa, Bitch," without clicking on them, but when the Cardinals win Game 6 on an incredibly rare look-to-third-fake-a-double-switch pickoff at first base you'll want it handy.
  • Likewise, judging by its 51 recs I don't think many people missed Ignatius J. Reilly's The Little Boy, which you should just read, ideally while you are alone, because some dust might fly up into your eyes and people will get the wrong idea about it. 
Coming up next on Viva El Birdos, Baseball's Greatest Shortstops and four hours of Cardinals Crew starring Andy Benes, Fredbird, and The U-Man.