The 2011 WS as microcosm for the 2011 season

Bear with me:

Game 1/April:  A bit of a slow start, but some solid starting pitching, some timely hitting, and an overall winning start to everything.  Feeling pretty good.  

Game 2/May:  Some cracks in the facade.  Starting pitching is good, but the bullpen is shaky.  Starting to see some problems with RISP.  What's up with Pujols?  Okay, it's still early, no time to panic.

Game 3/June:  Boom!  GOB's gift to baseball!  We are awesome.  38-26 and sitting atop all of MLB.  Anybody else worried about the bullpen?  Aw, who cares.  We're #1!

Game 4/July:  Not so much.  The bats go dead.  The team is cold, limp, lifeless.  The other team is winning everything, getting all the key hits, making all the key pitches, catching the breaks.  We traded Colby Rasmus?  What's a Rzypsk3xqhrey?

Game 5/August:  Things get weird.  Moths fly into ears.  Corey Patterson.  Still no life on the Cards as the other team makes all the right moves, and we ground into all the DP's.  WTF is LaRussa doing?  Is Albert still Pujols?  (You know what, though?  That Motte kid sure is throwing well....)  Oh well, time to call up the minor leaguers and start looking ahead to next year.  Let's get Tyler Greene some at-bats.  

Game 6/September:  Oh Hai, Albert!  There you are!  Oh Hai, starting pitching!  There you are!  Oh Hai, shut-down closer!  There you-....oh, sorry Mr. LaRussa, I must have been mistaken.  Oh Hai, pennant race!  What's up with that other team?  Hmm, that's interesting.  Wouldn't it be funny, never mind.  Wait a minute....!  Adron Chambers!

Game 7/October:  Do it for Torty!  Rally Squirrel!  Happy Flight!  Tra la, tra la!  Yadi and Motte hugging on the mound as the great pile-on begins......

I'm just sayin'.