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A Brief Pre-World Series Convalescent Chat

Good morning, folks. You'll have to forgive me the late post today, but I'm currently laid up with a broken foot. Not that it actually affects my ability to type, mind you, but being in pain is not a state particularly conducive to productivity, I've found. Affects the motivation and all.

Anyhow, you may or may not have heard, but there's some sort of series beginning tonight, something apparently worldwide, from what I understand, and it seems our Cardinals are involved in it. Hard to believe, I know, but there you have it.

Rather than bore you with a lower-quality version of the analysis already posted here the last few days, I thought I would open up the floor and have a chat for an hour or two. No restrictions on subject, as usual, and I won't even force you to refer to me in terms of any sort of natural disaster, either. (Though the whole Master of Mudslides thing floated a couple years back was kind of nice...) Non-baseball topics are fine; making fun of my ailment is not. Although, seeing as how I can't really chase after you very quickly right now anyway I suppose there's not a whole lot I could do about it.

A quick plug for something: during the World Series I'll be doing a guest spot blogging over at Just a simple postgame article for each contest, nothing fancy. Still, there's going to be one guy representing the Rangers' point of view and me for the Cards, so it may actually turn out to be somewhat interesting.

So let's chat.