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early saturday thread/recap thread

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since today is a travel day as we wander back to miller field, i'll put up a temporary thread now, and put up a more substantive one midday/early afternoon tomorrow.

that game felt good to me pretty much all the way through. while jaime was not in complete lockdown mode all game, i thought he looked fine. while he only put in 5 innings, i thought that tony's early call to the bullpen was a clear case of tony deliberately choosing to push his bullpen rather than distrust of his starter.

i really don't hate the bullpen usage in the unique context of the postseason. tony knew he had a travel day today to rely on. and the bullpen has looked very comfortable in the postseason. motte pulled off another 4-out save (yes, due to the intricacies of the save rule, that 7-1 victory counts as a save.) it may be profane to think forward while we are enjoying a postseason run that falls just this side of miraculous, but i keep thinking that the bullpen's success is guaranteeing that tony will have some faith in salas and motte in 2012 - with some room for rzepczynski, sanchez, and lynn to play a real role in the pen ( ignoring the notion that we might be able to do away with westbrook and put lynn or zep in the rotation). i am also inclined to think that the sparing usage of boggs and mcclellan makes it more likely we see dotel return than see either pitching in april. tony seems to rely on his "feel" for his players as much as their actual statistics.  and the postseason seems like a great place to give tony a good "feel" for you.

the other player who seems to have seriously affected tony's "feel" for him in the post season is long-suffering adron chambers. while he shouldn't anticipate any starting time absent injury, i think he's written into the outfield bench in pen. given how he's watched andrew brown and corey patterson take up time in the outfield, he should feel great relief. i also note that it can't possibly hurt that the guy shows tremendous spirit; he's visibly excited to be with the team, and always seems to have an enormous, infectious grin on his face. he's fun to watch in huge disproportion to his talent.

back to the game: i thought there was little to complain about on the offensive end. it felt a little bit like yesterday, except with hits strung together just right, rather than abandoning dozens of players on the basepaths. 4 errors from the brewers helped make the scoring happen. all this good performance and good fortune made the game one of the only games i've felt we totally controlled. it's a great way to return to miller park, needing only to take one of the next 2 games.

gripe: there was a terriffic baseball game today, and i tried to find some postgame coverage that would analyze the game a few hours later. nothing. college football? sure. college basketball? yeah. hockey? you bet. discussions of a nonexistent nba season? oddly, yes. baseball, nothing. i had to watch half of sportscenter before i saw a baseball. these are two of the best teams in baseball playing a very dramatic series. it would be nice to see the national sports media show some interest.