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NLCS Game 4: Cardinals Lose 4-2, here's a picture of sad Albert Pujols

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This picture is the appropriate response to being shut down by Randy Wolf. Well, not being shut down so much as nailing his weakness but not doing it with runners on base and then being shut down by Randy Wolf, who, to his credit, struck out six against a single walk. 

This is not what amounts to real analysis, not even at 12:30, but yes—at some point it would be nice if the Cardinals could get a starting pitcher through the fifth inning without issue. Lohse looked fine until (stop me if you've heard this) he got into trouble with Jerry Hairston and Yuniesky Betancourt, who has become, for me, a much more compelling villain than Nyjer Morgan.

Betancourt is supposed to suck! It's his role! And yet over the past two years he's somehow turned into a better-than-replacement-level shortstop and the destroyer of all established social mores and truths in the postseason. I'm not ready for that. It makes me as melancholy as this picture of Albert Pujols