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cardinals even series in blowout of brewers, 12-3.

the cardinals looked very good today, reaching marcum - one of the brewers best starters, but struggling recently - and half of the brewers' bullpen for runs.

albert pujols put the lie to a lot of the muttering by blasting 3 doubles and a homer (.387 WPA). the rest of the team chipped in to make the game a blowout.

edwin jackson did fine, though he did not look excellent, nor go terribly deep into the game. arthur rhodes continues to make one wonder how long anyone will continue to hand him the ball. lance lynn, salas, and motte looked very good in relief.

this was exactly what the team needed. the team has a #happyflight return to st. louis for a crucial 3-game homestand. the brewers have a very extreme home-away split this season. it also doesn't hurt that game 3 is a carpenter start, who has looked indomitable recently (except in his short-rest start).

yadier molina could not resist the temptation to rise to some of the trash talking bait by adding a "crybaby" gesture in the direction of the home dugout while the cards were stacking up the runs, a gesture which will surely garner some talk (if not more).