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Talk about the Future

I'm in the Quad Cities for the weekend so I'm writing this from the past. I've exhausted myself with words discussing the 2010 Cardinals right now so I have a discussion question for all of you.

For me, the thing that has been missing from the 2010 club the most is a consistent on base threat outside of Pujols or Holliday. If there's one thing I want the 2011 club to do, it's find a player that can get on base consistently at the top of the lineup. There's a very small part of me that wonders if Matt Carpenter, current AA Springfield third baseman, could fill that role but realistically, that's a huge jump to make.

So what is the role or thing that you want the 2011 Cardinals to find? A shutdown reliever, an everyday third baseman, a good backup catcher, whatever. I'm not asking you to pick a specific player but rather some kind of a role that you think is missing on the team right now.

Second Question: What actual free agent makes the most sense for the club in 2011?