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This Week Around SB Nation

It's time for another episode of everyone's favorite irregularly scheduled, irregularly written look at what's going on with SB Nation Cardinals coverage outside the front page of this very website. That's right—let's go around SB Nation. 

SB Nation St. Louis

On Friday we ran an excellent piece by one Alex Fritz about what we'll miss and not miss about the 2010 season. Excerpt!

The Biiiiig 550, KTRS: I feel sorry that John Marecek, a non-hyperbolic, actual level-headed sports talk show host, will be losing his greatest platform, but I also realize he's talented enough that he will do just fine anyway. That being said, never having to hear John Hadley say another word on a radio station is reason enough for the Cardinals to move back to KMOX.

I like to think that the day John Hadley said - and I quote - "Randy Winn has been a more productive baseball player than Colby Rasmus" is the day the Cardinals origination decided to shut it down. That I can move on with my life pretending that John Hadley and Frank O'Pinion (clever name! hilarious sound effects! radio genius!) never existed... I will open-mouth kiss whoever made the decision to leave 550 for 1120.

On the Sports of St. Louis we talked about Adam Wainwright's 20th winDaniel Descalso's parentage, and Colby Rasmus's renaissance. Among other things!


On the Fanposts blog there's a lot of talk about Albert Pujols, for one thing. IL and StL Fan offers a series of Pujols-related arguments in his capacity as philosophical devil's advocate. mucox looks at it systematically, looking both at Pujols's presumable future value and wondering if not Albert then who. (That is, which two whos.)

We've also got more words about Skip Schumaker and the 2010 second base situation than have been spilt since his 2010 season went from awful to mediocre. This is an excellent use of the fanpost section—covering something in an in-depth way that I have totally ignored. 

Finally, a tearful goodbye to Jason LaRue—the man, the myth, the pornstache.