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game 110 - STL @ FLA, 8.7.10

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jake westbrook v. josh johnson

4.58 ERA 1.96

4.54 FIP 2.31

4.29 xFIP 3.11

4.69 tERA 2.47

54.4% GB 46.6%

i don't care how good a pitcher you think josh johnson is (A: really, really good), that xFIP screams that he's due for regression. he's currently sporting a 3.7% HR/FB rate, compared to a career 7.1%. let's put a big dent in that rate tonight.

johnson is coming off "flu-like symptoms" yesterday, which is why he missed last night's start v. adam. hopefully, a little fatigue and disorientation will help the cards.

this has nothing to do with today's game, but i happened to look at the official mothership depth chart, and nick stavinoha was not on it. this gave me a happy feeling all morning.