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Thursday Night Overflow

It's an offday. We've racked up 1200 comments about candy bars, sodas and Allen Craig. This is your overflow thread for the evening.

7567_mediumHey Nick. Ya, over here.

7228_mediumUmmm. . . yes.

7567_mediumWait a second. You're not Nick. Man you fooled me again Aaron. I was looking for Nick.  I wanted to know why Nick was pitching?

7228_mediumNick wasn't pitching. I pitched the last inning.

7567_mediumGet out. I could have sworn that was Nick. Hey you look just like Nick. I can't believe that. Has Nick seen you yet? You could fit in his pocket. Has anyone every tried to put you in a pocket? Have they tried to just pick you up? I bet I could pick you up.

7228_mediumWhoa whoa whoa. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this situation. Nick's down in Memphis. That's why he hasn't heard you.

7567_mediumNot possible. Nick and I are tight. I would know if Nick had been sent to Memphis. Nick plays right field. I play second. Did you know I play second? People love when I play second. I've got a strong arm for second. Have you seen me throw? People love to watch me throw.

7228_mediumUh ya. I've seen you play second.

7567_mediumSo why did you get to pitch? I bet I could pitch. Tony's never let me pitch. I think I want to pitch. I'm going to go talk to Tony. Tony and I are tight. Have you met Tony? YO! T-DAWG.

Life_g_larussa01_200_mediumI told you to stop calling me that. Hey, Nick what's up.

7228_mediumUh, Tony . . . It's me. Aaron Miles.

Life_g_larussa01_200_mediumAARON. [bearhug ensues] I thought you were Nick.

7567_mediumI TOLD YOU. You look just like Nick. Hey. Tony, I want to pitch.

Life_g_larussa01_200_mediumNo. Not tricky enough. You look like you could pitch. Need trickier.

7567_mediumSee Ni . . . Aaron. I told you I would be a good pitcher. I mean, just look at me. I bet Papa Dunc will let me pitch. YO DUNC!


7567_mediumTell them that I could pitch.

Dave-duncan-smi2_mediumNo. You're tipping your pitches.

7567_mediumI haven't thrown any pitches yet.

Dave-duncan-smi2_mediumI can see your tell already.

7567_mediumSo what am I going to throw? (whispers to Tony) When did Papa Dunc lose it?

Life_g_larussa01_200_medium(whispering) Don't doubt him. And don't make eye contact if you want your soul.

Dave-duncan-smi2_mediumYou're going to throw a slider.

7567_medium OMG you're right. I am going to throw a slider. What about now?

Dave-duncan-smi2_medium Slider.




Dave-duncan-smi2_mediumFake to third throw to first.

7567_mediumGet out of my HEAD!

7228_medium[To Tony] Um does Skip know he's in the dugout? And that the game is over?

Life_g_larussa01_200_mediumDon't interrupt Duncan.

Dave-duncan-smi2_mediumAaron. Go throw from the mound for practice.

7228_mediumAt least you remember who I am.

Dave-duncan-smi2_mediumThat's because you're tipping your identity.