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Game 127 Open Thread: Skip Schumaker is in the outfield for some reason

Cardinals at. Nationals

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Kyle Lohse vs. Livan Hernandez

4.82 ZIPS ERA vs. 5.21 ZIPS ERA

Lohse didn't look great last time against the Pirates. Despite only giving up 2 runs, he needed 97 pitches to get through 5 1/3, ran a decidedly average 4:2 K:BB ratio, allowed a home run, and more fly balls than ground balls. Did I mention that he was facing the Pirates? Still, he seems to have retained all the velocity he had before his injuries, and the control should improve soon.

LIvan Hernandez has a 3.36 ERA this season, don't ask me how this has happened. His strikeout to walk ratio is marginally improved from the past couple of years, but the biggest factor is Livan's .288 BABIP and 5.1% HR/FB. He''s a craft one, but is probably not a very good pitcher despite his superficially excellent numbers, and we should be able to do some damage.

Lineup for the Crads tonight?

Schumaker – 9
Lopez – 4
Pujols – 3
Holliday – 7
Jay – 8
Happy – 5
Anderson – 2
Boog – 6
Lohse – 1

Get well soon Colby.