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game 120 - SFG v. STL - 8.21.10

78371_towelie_medium Norm-abram_medium

tim lincecum v. chris carpenter

3.62 ERA 2.95

3.27 FIP 3.86

3.39 xFIP 3.76

3.79 tERA 3.91

47.1% GB 51.5%

unfortunately, despite widely varying ERA's, it still appears that tim is just having a bad luck season and is probably still a better pitcher than chris carpenter.

in other news, goold is tweeting that the P-D is selling a St. Louis Rams App for $2.99.

save your money. type this into your iPhone: T-H-E R-A-M-S S-U-C-K. i just saved you $2.99. you're welcome.