Do we forget?

I cruise the boards and have since 05 I think. I enjoy coming here since most eat and breathe Cardinal baseball, even on off days. What I wanted to have fun with was taking a look back. Most on here it seems just expect the teams to win. On one hand we complain about how awful guys are, yet expect them to play better. I perhaps think its just that we have gotten used to the Cardinals being up towards the top since the late 90s. I'm not defending Mo or management or anything else, just taking a break from all that.

Many of us here can look back at the days when they were just flat terrible. A lot of the new guys are too young to remember that, I'm not even that old. For me players came to mind. I remember how awful the team was, but I loved them anyway.

So I looked up a player Felix Jose and then a yr he was with the BOB.

I give you the 1990 St. Louis Cardinals.

Look at the Guys who surround the Wizard...You know whats weird? the guys I remember the most outside of Ozzie are the Hurdler's Pena's and Thompson's. Nothing was quite like watching the cubs hearing them butcher Geronimo, cause in those days(man I sound old) it was WGN, no cable or only the elite had it.

I wont go much further than this, but its a look back at a really bad team, but I loved them anyway and still rooted. I just think we forget, since we haven't had a bad team like this in a few yrs.

Not that we expect bad baseball, we don't but i thought maybe we could remeber a bad team and some of my fan favs and say hey this teams not that bad...well then theres the talent thing..bad years etc.. anyway