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Game 118 Open Thread, Brewers at Cardinals, 18th August 2010

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Another deflating loss last night, another game behind the Reds, who simply refuse to lose. Once again Jaime Garcia is let down by his defense, to the tune of three unearned runs. He made one really bad pitch all night, the ball McGehee hit out, and got hung with the loss thanks to incompetence on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

The Cardinals continue to show an horrifically bad sense of timing. They rally too late to do any good, they score runs one day then lose the series because they only score three total the other two games, Kyle Lohse implodes into a hole just deep enough they can't quite climb out. It's just maddening.

Oh, well. Enjoy the game today everyone. I won't be around to watch, as I'll be out of pocket the next couple days taking care of family business. I'll schedule an overflow for this afternoon in case we get heavy traffic. Take care and root root root for the home team.

They need all the help they can get.

The Baron's Playlist for the 18th of August, 2010

"Early Morning Rain" - Richard Hawley (from the same excellent Sweetheart compilation which gave us A.C. Newman's transcendent cover of "Take on Me". Isn't it odd in the world of post-Pulp solo artistry that Hawley is making gorgeous rockabilly-ish pop music, while Jarvis Cocker seems to have completely lost what it was that made him so great?)

"Angela Surf City" - the Walkmen (god I adore the Walkmen)

"It's Only Make Believe" - Conway Twitty

"1999" - Cassius

"The Partisan" - Leonard Cohen