The Cardinals Newest Fabergé Eggs

With the signing deadline now past, I thought I would throw up a straight-forward post to discuss what the Cardinals now officially have cooking on the farm.  While we lost out on one potential prize with Austin Wilson, the Birds now have four really nice pieces that go right into the system.  Here's the Cardinals press release, and below I'll attach the main catches with a link to their scouting reports.

Zack Cox: The man currently fields 3B, but appears more likely to handle the keystone.  Sexy bat.

Jordan Swagerty: Possible starter, but also could provide lots of support in relief.  Described as "aggressive".

Seth Blair: Another pitcher with a power arm, likely slotted for relief.  his arm is referred to as "electric".

Tyrell Jenkins: Tall athletic pitcher, with mid-90s fastball.  Sucked him away from Baylor.

Overall, I'm really encouraged by the way this class looks.  Cox represents perhaps the future replacement for either Schumaker or Freese, and could be a very solid bat.  The pitchers all have their warts, but also substantial upside.  I'm not really the draft-nik that some of the folks on this site are, but i thought it was worth celebrating the new players flowing into the system.  Here's hoping that Lunhow had a good eye, this year.