VEB Offday Polls: Where You At? What's the biggest surprise of 2010?

Another offday, and I have decided it's time to do another fanpost, and ask, where in Cardinal Nation does most of VEB hail from? Many of us are from St. Louis of course, but I've also found out a lot of VEBers are residing in Chicago too. And well, from all over the country. So where are you at?

Also, I was interested to hear what VEB thought was the biggest surprise so far of 2010. Before this fanpost leaves the front page rounds, I will tally up what the general consensus is as to what the biggest surpise in 2010 is. Some ideas off the top of my head are:

  • Jose Bautista's 36 home runs (to lead the majors and it's not even close)
  • The San Diego Padres
  • The Cincinnati Reds (which includes Rolen's resurgence, Votto outhitting Pujols, etc)
  • Jaime Garcia
  • The Cy Young race (Lee, Liriano, Johnson, Wainwright?)
  • Ludwick for Westbrook?
  • Jon Jay's ridiculous batting average
  • The NL winning the All Star Game
  • Josh Hamilton's dominant season
  • The Texas Rangers
  • Tampa Bay staying even with the Yankees despite the Yankees buying every player they want
  • The Dodgers playing .500 ball

And of course, if there's something I missed and you think it's the most surprising thing, write it in!