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Game 115: CHC @ STL - 8.14.10 - DAYS OF RAGE

4499_medium 3610_medium

carlos zambrano v. chris carpenter

5.46 ERA 2.89

4.27 FIP 3.79

4.52 xFIP 3.79

4.87 tERA 3.77

43.7% GB 51.7%

this game features maybe the two shortest-fused pitchers in the majors. zambrano is pitching his second start since hitting the restricted list and being sent to the bullpen; in his last appearance, he walked seven batters in five innings. carpenter last made news in a game where he was at the center of a bench-clearing brawl, and in he wasn't even pitching in that game.

bring your popcorn. wear your sunglasses. vegas is giving 5:1 odds on a zambrano-carpenter fight, and 15:1 odds on chris carpenter tearing zambrano's still-beating heart out of his chest this afternoon.