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Game 113 Victory and First Place Celebration Thread

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It's a celebration, bitches!
It's a celebration, bitches!

We haven't had one of these for awhile, so I thought it might be nice to put up a postgame celebratory thread. 

Just an outstanding series overall. Beautiful pitching by Wainwright today, a beautiful swing by Colby, and that's enough to get the job done. I love this team so very much right now. I'm thinking, you know, maybe going behind the middle school, etc. But hey, if that's not cool, we can just be friends. 

On an unrelated note, my RFT column about how badly Jaime Garcia and Colby Rasmus suck keeps getting angry comments from people who seem to believe I should now be shamed. Did I not do it right? Was the joke not clear? I'm very puzzled by this. 

Haha, Colby on the postgame talking about all the riff-raff goin' on in this series. I love that goofy bastard. 

Anyway, it's a celebration, bitches. Let's do this.