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Game 113 Open Thread, Cardinals at Redlegs, 11th August 2010

Morning, everyone. I have to apologise for the lack of a proper front-page post this morning, but today happens to be one of those days when I simply wouldn't be able to get to one until a little later due to work and the like. Unfortunately, today's game happens to be one of those 11:30 specials, putting us in a tough spot. So here's what you get.

LaRue on the pregame now talking about how Cueto unfortunately doesn't have a brain. Nice one, Hoss. Fuck that kid.

Okay, good feelings for today's game. We're all going to close our eyes and think about Adam Wainwright pitching for the Cards, Colby's catch last night, the way Albert always hits at Great American, and how much we would all like to see Bronson Arroyo blasted right out of the stadium.

Also, as crazy as Tony La Russa is, and how crazy he drives us all most of the time, I'm going to say this: we Cardinal fans would never have to see one of our players act the way Brandon Phillips has the last few days. And I'll give Tony all the credit in the world for that. He drives me nuts, but that shit doesn't happen on Tony's watch.

Game starts in about half an hour. Let's get the sweep, gentlemen. It's long past time for the proper order of things to be restored.

The Baron's Playlist for the 11th of August, 2010

"Modern Man" - Arcade Fire

"Gimme a Chantz!" - Sleepy Kitty

"Wish He Was You" - Best Coast

"Living the Dream" - Sloan

"Please Do Not Go" - Violent Femmes