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Good Morning! Overflow Thread

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Our Robot Moderator made a cogent point on Twitter: Yesterday's game thread, about a game that I believe was postponed by rain, is not the best place for us to continue to chatter while queueing up for the red baron's Wednesday post, which is the actual cure for what ails us. So for the morning crowd, I present this overflow overflow thread.

words words words words—wait, no. Here's a funny thing tom s. wrote, bleeped out for basic cable:

the american expletives corporation regrets to report that its midwestern group has experienced a sudden and unanticipated supply shortfall. We look forward to giving our best customers a full supply of our finest products like "[forget] [seed] [forget] ryan franklin" and "aaron [forgetting] miles for [pete's] sake" as early as friday.

In the meantime, we ask our customers to consider one of our supplementary products, like the thousand gross of "tarnation!"s we've had stored since 1957. Have you ever considered a "dagnabbit"?

We regret to say further that we cannot promise that rolling [expletive]outs will not occur in the midwest region between now and october or until jeff [suppan]'s retirement, whichever comes first.

We look forward to serving you in the future and apologize for the inconvenience.

I can also offer you a brief story about Edgar Renteria leaving a hotel because it was haunted.

In the event of the red baron posting in the morning, this thread stands as a solemn memorial to a game that never happened.